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   Vol.38 No.1   (2017-03)  

     Cover, Contents, Information for contributors

     Introduction to the Special Topic "Plant Uses, Livelihoods, and Sustainability in Africa".
    FUJIOKA, Yuichiro 
     p.1 -3

     Variations in Mopane Vegetation and its Use by Local People: Comparison of Four Sites in Northern Namibia
    TESHIROGI, Koki      YAMASHINA, Chisato      FUJIOKA, Yuichiro 
     p.5 -25

     Changes and Local Adjustment in the Faidherbia Albida Use as Fodder and Fuelwood among the Sereer, Senegal
    HIRAI, Masaaki 
     p.27 -49

     Renewing Herds through Livestock Trades: Changes in Cattle Keeping under Population Pressure in the Mbozi Plateau, Tanzania
    YAMAMOTO, Kana 
     p.51 -62


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