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  西洋古代史研究 = Acta academiae antiquitatis Kiotoensis, 7: 55-55
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書評 A.Smith (ed.), The Philosopher and Society in Late Antiquity: Essays in Honour of Peter Brown
  西村, 昌洋 (2007-12-15)
  西洋古代史研究 = Acta academiae antiquitatis Kiotoensis, 7: 47-52
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Review article: Recent research on late-antique Rome[John Curran 'Pagan City and Christian capital: Rome in the fourth century' Michele Renee Salzman 'The Making of a Christian aristocracy: social and religious change in the Western Roman Empire' Heike Niquet 'Monumenta virtutum titulique: Senatorische Selbstdarstellung im spatantiken Rom im Spiegel der epigraphischen Denkmaler'
  WEISWEILER, John (2007-12-15)
  西洋古代史研究 = Acta academiae antiquitatis Kiotoensis, 7: 37-45
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翻訳・注釈 フォティオス『文庫』におけるクテシアス『ペルシア史』摘要--キュロスからクセルクセスの治世まで
  阿部, 拓児 (2007-12-15)
  西洋古代史研究 = Acta academiae antiquitatis Kiotoensis, 7: 17-36
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  疋田, 隆康 (2007-12-15)
  西洋古代史研究 = Acta academiae antiquitatis Kiotoensis, 7: 1-15
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