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Cr as a key factor for direct synthesis of multi-walled carbon nanotubes on industrial alloys
  Sano, Noriaki, Yamamoto, Suguru, Tamon, Hajime (2014-04)
  Chemical Engineering Journal, 242: 278-284
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Conductance of Au/1,4-benzenedicarbothioamide/Au molecular junctions: A proposal for a potential linker
  Sagisaka, T., Kurokawa, S., Sakai, A., Yamashita, K.-i., Taguchi, M., Asano, M.S., Sugiura, K.-i. (2014-03-18)
  Chemical Physics Letters, 595-596: 167-170
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Granular experiments of thrust wedges: Insights relevant to methane hydrate exploration at the Nankai accretionary prism
  Yamada, Yasuhiro, Baba, Kei, Miyakawa, Ayumu, Matsuoka, Toshifumi (2014-03)
  Marine and Petroleum Geology, 51: 34-48
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  山口, 敬太, 繁田, いづみ, 川崎, 雅史 (2014-02-26)
  ランドスケープ研究(Landscape Research Japan Online), 7: 1-8
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Development of a high dynamic range spectroscopic system for observation of neutral hydrogen atom density distribution in Large Helical Device core plasma
  Fujii, K, Atsumi, S, Watanabe, S, Shikama, T, Goto, M, Morita, S, Hasuo, M (2014-02)
  The Review of scientific instruments, 85(2)
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Measuring deformations using SAR interferometry and GPS observables with geodetic accuracy: Application to Tokyo, Japan
  ElGharbawi, Tamer, Tamura, Masayuki (2014-02)
  ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 88: 156-165
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Effects of ambient pressure, gas temperature and combustion reaction on droplet evaporation
  Kitano, Tomoaki, Nishio, Jun, Kurose, Ryoichi, Komori, Satoru (2014-02)
  Combustion and Flame, 161(2): 551-564
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Formulation of Two-Dimensional Transport Modeling in Tokamak Plasmas
  SETO, Haruki, FUKUYAMA, Atsushi (2014-01-31)
  Plasma and Fusion Research, 9
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Identification of a separation wave number between weak and strong turbulence spectra for a vibrating plate
  Yokoyama, Naoto, Takaoka, Masanori (2014-01-13)
  Physical Review E, 89(1)
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Charged colloidal system: Small ion distribution and effective interaction
  Ikeda, Ichiro, Matsumoto, Mitsuhiro (2014-01-05)
  Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 440: 34-41
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