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Significant contribution of stacking faults to the strain hardening behavior of Cu-15%Al alloy with different grain sizes
  Tian, Y. Z., Zhao, L. J., Chen, S., Shibata, A., Zhang, Z. F., Tsuji, N. (2015-11-19)
  Scientific reports, 5
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Force measurement reveals structure of a confined liquid: Observation of the impenetrable space
  Amano, Ken-ichi, Tanaka, Eisuke, Kobayashi, Kazuya, Onishi, Hiroshi, Nishi, Naoya, Sakka, Tetsuo (2015-11)
  Surface Science, 641: 242-246
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Prediction of Low-Thermal-Conductivity Compounds with First-Principles Anharmonic Lattice-Dynamics Calculations and Bayesian Optimization
  Seko, Atsuto, Togo, Atsushi, Hayashi, Hiroyuki, Tsuda, Koji, Chaput, Laurent, Tanaka, Isao (2015-11)
  Physical Review Letters, 115(20)
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Amphiphilic/fluorous random copolymers as a new class of non-cytotoxic polymeric materials for protein conjugation
  Koda, Yuta, Terashima, Takaya, Sawamoto, Mitsuo, Maynard, Heather D. (2015-10-23)
  Polymer Chemistry, 6(2): 240-247
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Bound of earthquake input energy to building structure considering shallow and deep ground uncertainties
  Taniguchi, M., Takewaki, I. (2015-10)
  Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, 77: 267-273
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Prediction of worst combination of variable soil properties in seismic pile response
  Fujita, K., Kojima, K., Takewaki, I. (2015-10)
  Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, 77: 369-372
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Crystal structure determination of the Γ2 phase in the Fe–Zn–Al system by single-crystal synchrotron X-ray diffraction combined with scanning transmission electron microscopy
  Okamoto, Norihiko L., Inui, Haruyuki, Yasuhara, Akira, Yamaguchi, Shu (2015-09-25)
  Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 644: 287-296
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Nanoclusters first: a hierarchical phase transformation in a novel Mg alloy
  Okuda, Hiroshi, Yamasaki, Michiaki, Kawamura, Yoshihito, Tabuchi, Masao, Kimizuka, Hajime (2015-09-21)
  Scientific reports, 5
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Polymerization of vinyl ethers initiated by dendritic cations using flow microreactors
  Nagaki, Aiichiro, Takumi, Masahiro, Tani, Yosuke, Yoshida, Jun-ichi (2015-09)
  Tetrahedron, 71(35): 5973-5978
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Interface Engineering for Ternary Blend Polymer Solar Cells with a Heterostructured Near-IR Dye
  Xu, Huajun, Ohkita, Hideo, Tamai, Yasunari, Benten, Hiroaki, Ito, Shinzaburo (2015-08-27)
  Advanced materials, 27(39): 5868-5874
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