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Generation of narrowband elastic waves with a fiber laser and its application to the imaging of defects in a plate
  Hayashi, Takahiro, Ishihara, Ken (2017-05)
  Ultrasonics, 77: 47-53
Chemical labelling for visualizing native AMPA receptors in live neurons
  Wakayama, Sho, Kiyonaka, Shigeki, Arai, Itaru, Kakegawa, Wataru, Matsuda, Shinji, Ibata, Keiji, Nemoto, Yuri L, Kusumi, Akihiro, Yuzaki, Michisuke, Hamachi, Itaru (2017-04-07)
  Nature communications, 8
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Implementation of a quantum controlled-SWAP gate with photonic circuits
  Ono, Takafumi, Okamoto, Ryo, Tanida, Masato, Hofmann, Holger F., Takeuchi, Shigeki (2017-03-31)
  Scientific Reports, 7
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Quasi-stokeslet induced by thermoplasmonic Marangoni effect around a water vapor microbubble
  Namura, Kyoko, Nakajima, Kaoru, Suzuki, Motofumi (2017-03-31)
  Scientific reports, 7
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New platform for simple and rapid protein-based affinity reactions
  Kubota, Kei, Kubo, Takuya, Tanigawa, Tetsuya, Naito, Toyohiro, Otsuka, Koji (2017-03-14)
  Scientific Reports, 7(1)
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ISRM Suggested Method for Laboratory Acoustic Emission Monitoring
  Ishida, Tsuyoshi, Labuz, Joseph F., Manthei, Gerd, Meredith, Philip G., Nasseri, M. H. B., Shin, Koichi, Yokoyama, Tatsuya, Zang, Arno (2017-03-01)
  Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, 50(3): 665-674
Prevention of the ground subsidence by using the foot reinforcement side pile during the shallow overburden tunnel excavation in unconsolidated ground
  Cui, Ying, Kishida, Kiyoshi, Kimura, Makoto (2017-03)
  Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, 63: 194-204
Visualization of Au Nanoparticles Buried in a Polymer Matrix by Scanning Thermal Noise Microscopy
  Yao, Atsushi, Kobayashi, Kei, Nosaka, Shunta, Kimura, Kuniko, Yamada, Hirofumi (2017-02-17)
  Scientific Reports, 7
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Synthesis of aggregation-induced emission-active conjugated polymers composed of group 13 diiminate complexes with tunable energy levels via alteration of central element
  Ito, Shunichiro, Hirose, Amane, Yamaguchi, Madoka, Tanaka, Kazuo, Chujo, Yoshiki (2017-02-16)
  Polymers, 9
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Intermixed Donor/Acceptor Region in Conjugated Polymer Blends Visualized by Conductive Atomic Force Microscopy
  Osaka, Miki, Benten, Hiroaki, Ohkita, Hideo, Ito, Shinzaburo (2017-02-15)
  Macromolecules, 50(4): 1618-1625
Open-circuit Voltage Loss in CH[3]NH[3]SnI[3] Perovskite Solar Cells
  Kim, Hyung Do, Miyamoto, Yoshihiro, Kubota, Hirofumi, Yamanari, Toshihiko, Ohkita, Hideo (2017-02)
  Chemistry Letters, 46(2): 253-256
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In situ imaging of microstructure formation in electronic interconnections
  Salleh, M. A. A. Mohd, Gourlay, C. M., Xian, J. W., Belyakov, S. A., Yasuda, H., McDonald, S. D., Nogita, K. (2017-01-12)
  Scientific Reports, 7
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Construction and properties of a light-harvesting antenna system for phosphorescent materials based on oligofluorene-tethered Pt-porphyrins
  Yeo, Hyeonuk, Tanaka, Kazuo, Chujo, Yoshiki (2017-01-01)
  RSC Advances, 7: 10869-10874
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Evolution of mechanical and hydraulic properties in sandstone induced by simulated mineral trapping of CO2 geo-sequestration
  Yasuhara, Hideaki, Kinoshita, Naoki, Lee, Dae Sung, Choi, Junhyung, Kishida, Kiyoshi (2017-01)
  International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 56: 155-164
  山口, 敬太 (2017-01)
  ランドスケープ研究(オンライン論文集), 10: 5-13
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Phonon frequencies of a highly strained AlN layer coherently grown on 6H-SiC (0001)
  Kaneko, M., Kimoto, T., Suda, J. (2017-01)
  AIP Advances, 7(1)
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High-speed non-contact defect imaging for a plate-like structure
  Hayashi, Takahiro (2017-01)
  NDT and E International, 85: 53-62
Electrochemical reaction engineering of polymer electrolyte fuel cell
  Kawase, M., Sato, K., Mitsui, R., Asonuma, H., Kageyama, M., Yamaguchi, K., Inoue, G. (2017-01)
  AIChE Journal, 63(1): 249-256
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Reprogrammable logic-memory device of a mechanical resonator
  Yao, Atsushi, Hikihara, Takashi (2017)
  International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics, in press
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The relationship between magneto-optical properties and molecular chirality
  Wada, Satoshi, Kitagawa, Yuichi, Nakanishi, Takayuki, Fushimi, Koji, Morisaki, Yasuhiro, Fujita, Koji, Konishi, Katsuaki, Tanaka, Katsuhisa, Chujo, Yoshiki, Hasegawa, Yasuchika (2016-3-25)
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