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Spectral diffusion of neutral and charged exciton transitions in single CdSe/ZnS nanocrystals due to quantum-confined Stark effect
  Ihara, Toshiyuki, Kanemitsu, Yoshihiko (2014-11)
  Physical Review B, 90(19)
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Catalytic asymmetric reactions in alkaloid and terpenoid syntheses
  Yoshimura, Tomoyuki (2014-09-10)
  Tetrahedron Letters, 55(37): 5109-5118
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Inhibiting lung lining fluid glutathione metabolism with GGsTop as a novel treatment for asthma
  Tuzova, Marina, Jean, Jyh-Chang, Hughey, Rebecca P., Brown, Lou Ann S., Cruikshank, William W., Hiratake, Jun, Joyce-Brady, Martin (2014-07-31)
  Frontiers in Pharmacology, 5
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Delocalized and localized charged excitons in single CdSe/CdS dot-in-rods revealed by polarized photoluminescence blinking
  Ihara, Toshiyuki, Sato, Ryota, Teranishi, Toshiharu, Kanemitsu, Yoshihiko (2014-07-15)
  Physical Review B, 90(3)
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Low-frequency dielectric dispersion of bacterial cell suspensions
  Asami, Koji (2014-07-01)
  Colloids and surfaces. B, Biointerfaces, 119: 1-5
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Prediction of Protein-Protein Interaction Strength Using Domain Features with Supervised Regression
  Kamada, Mayumi, Sakuma, Yusuke, Hayashida, Morihiro, Akutsu, Tatsuya (2014-06-24)
  The Scientific World Journal, 2014
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Proteome compression via protein domain compositions
  Hayashida, Morihiro, Ruan, Peiying, Akutsu, Tatsuya (2014-06-01)
  Methods, 67(3): 380-385
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The functional significance of newly born neurons integrated into olfactory bulb circuits
  Sakamoto, Masayuki, Kageyama, Ryoichiro, Imayoshi, Itaru (2014-05-26)
  Frontiers in neuroscience, 8
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Slow intraband relaxation and localization of photogenerated carriers in CuIn{1−x}Ga{x}Se{2} thin films: Evidence for the existence of long-lived high-energy carriers
  Okano, Makoto, Takabayashi, Yutaro, Sakurai, Takeaki, Akimoto, Katsuhiro, Shibata, Hajime, Niki, Shigeru, Kanemitsu, Yoshihiko (2014-05-20)
  Physical Review B, 89(19)
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Characterization of a thermostable 2,4-diaminopentanoate dehydrogenase from Fervidobacterium nodosum Rt17-B1
  Fukuyama, Sadanobu, Mihara, Hisaaki, Miyake, Ryoma, Ueda, Makoto, Esaki, Nobuyoshi, Kurihara, Tatsuo (2014-05)
  Journal of bioscience and bioengineering, 117(5): 551-556
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