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Sector dominance ratio analysis of financial markets
  Uechi, Lisa, Akutsu, Tatsuya, Stanley, H. Eugene, Marcus, Alan J., Kenett, Dror Y. (2015-03)
  Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 421: 488-509
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An off-line automated preconcentration system with ethylenediaminetriacetate chelating resin for the determination of trace metals in seawater by high-resolution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
  Minami, Tomoharu, Konagaya, Wataru, Zheng, Linjie, Takano, Shotaro, Sasaki, Masanobu, Murata, Rena, Nakaguchi, Yuzuru, Sohrin, Yoshiki (2015-01-07)
  Analytica chimica acta, 854: 183-190
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Time-resolved photoluminescence measurements for determining voltage-dependent charge-separation efficiencies of subcells in triple-junction solar cells
  Tex, David M., Ihara, Toshiyuki, Akiyama, Hidefumi, Imaizumi, Mitsuru, Kanemitsu, Yoshihiko (2015-01-05)
  Applied Physics Letters, 106(1)
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Photoelectronic Responses in Solution-Processed Perovskite CH[3]NH[3]PbI[3] Solar Cells Studied by Photoluminescence and Photoabsorption Spectroscopy
  Yamada, Yasuhiro, Nakamura, Toru, Endo, Masaru, Wakamiya, Atsushi, Kanemitsu, Yoshihiko (2015-01)
  IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 5(1): 401-405
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Dynamical coherent control of photocurrent in bulk GaAs at room temperature
  Tahara, Hirokazu, Kanemitsu, Yoshihiko (2014-12-22)
  Physical Review B, 90(24)
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Ultrafast free-carrier dynamics in Cu2ZnSnS4 single crystals studied using femtosecond time-resolved optical spectroscopy
  Phuong, L. Q., Okano, M., Yamada, Y., Yamashita, G., Morimoto, T., Nagai, M., Ashida, M., Nagaoka, A., Yoshino, K., Kanemitsu, Y. (2014-12-08)
  Applied Physics Letters, 105(23)
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Isotopic constraints on biogeochemical cycling of copper in the ocean
  Takano, Shotaro, Tanimizu, Masaharu, Hirata, Takafumi, Sohrin, Yoshiki (2014-12-05)
  Nature communications, 5
  吉田, 弘幸 (2014-11)
  応用物理学 会有機分子・バイオエレクトロニクス分科会誌: M&BE, 25(4): 249-256
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Spectral diffusion of neutral and charged exciton transitions in single CdSe/ZnS nanocrystals due to quantum-confined Stark effect
  Ihara, Toshiyuki, Kanemitsu, Yoshihiko (2014-11)
  Physical Review B, 90(19)
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Catalytic asymmetric reactions in alkaloid and terpenoid syntheses
  Yoshimura, Tomoyuki (2014-09-10)
  Tetrahedron Letters, 55(37): 5109-5118
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