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Generalized skew bisubmodularity: A characterization and a min–max theorem
  Fujishige, Satoru, Tanigawa, Shin-ichi, Yoshida, Yuichi (2014-05)
  Discrete Optimization, 12: 1-9
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Bisubmodular polyhedra, simplicial divisions, and discrete convexity
  Fujishige, Satoru (2014-05)
  Discrete Optimization, 12: 115-120
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On the higher Fitting ideals of Iwasawa modules of ideal class groups over real abelian fields
  Ohshita, Tatsuya (2014-02)
  Journal of Number Theory, 135: 67-138
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Some Remarks on the Semipositivity Theorems
  Fujino, Osamu, Fujisawa, Taro, Saito, Morihiko (2014)
  Publications of the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, 50(1): 85-112
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Lefschetz fibrations with small slope
  Monden, Naoyuki (2013-12-22)
  Pacific Journal of Mathematics, 267(1): 243-256
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Torsion representations arising from (φ, ^G)-modules
  Ozeki, Yoshiyasu (2013-11)
  Journal of Number Theory, 133(11): 3810-3861
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Fast computation of Goursat’s infinite integral with very high accuracy
  Ooura, Takuya (2013-09)
  Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 249: 1-8
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A note on the geometricity of open homomorphisms between the absolute Galois groups of p-adic local fields
  Hoshi, Yuichiro (2013-06)
  Kodai Mathematical Journal, 36(2): 284-298
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Handle attaching in wrapped Floer homology and brake orbits in classical Hamiltonian systems
  Irie, Kei (2013-06)
  Osaka Journal of Mathematics, 50(2): 363-396
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Tsirelson's problem and asymptotically commuting unitary matrices
  Ozawa, Narutaka (2013-03)
  Journal of Mathematical Physics, 54(3)
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