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  Fujishige, Satoru, Murota, Kazuo, Shioura, Akiyoshi (2015-06-23)
  Journal of the Operations Research Society of Japan, 58(5): 184-208
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Group approximation in Cayley topology and coarse geometry, III: Geometric property (T)
  Mimura, Masato, Ozawa, Narutaka, Sako, Hiroki, Suzuki, Yuhei (2015-04-22)
  Algebraic & Geometric Topology, 15(2): 1067-1091
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Congestion games viewed from M-convexity
  Fujishige, Satoru, Goemans, Michel, Harks, Tobias, Peis, Britta, Zenklusen, Rico (2015-04-17)
  Operations Research Letters, 43(3): 329-333
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Influence of surface displacement on solid state flow induced by horizontally heterogeneous Joule heating in the inner core of the Earth
  Takehiro, Shin-ichi (2015-04)
  Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, 241: 15-20
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Penetration of Alfvén waves into an upper stably-stratified layer excited by magnetoconvection in rotating spherical shells
  Takehiro, Shin-ichi (2015-04)
  Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, 241: 37-43
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The index of a threefold canonical singularity
  Kawakita, Masayuki (2015-02)
  American Journal of Mathematics, 137(1): 271-280
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Elementary amenable groups are quasidiagonal
  Ozawa, Narutaka, Rørdam, Mikael, Sato, Yasuhiko (2015-01-25)
  Geometric and Functional Analysis, 25(1): 307-316
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Bow varieties and ALF spaces
  TAKAYAMA, YUUYA (2014-12-11)
  Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, 158(01): 37-82
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A Min-Max Theorem for Transversal Submodular Functions and Its Implications
  Fujishige, Satoru, Tanigawa, Shin-ichi (2014-10-02)
  SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics, 28(4): 1855-1875
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Combinatorial Conditions for the Unique Completability of Low-Rank Matrices
  Jackson, Bill, Jordán, Tibor, Tanigawa, Shin-ichi (2014-10-02)
  SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics, 28(4): 1797-1819
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