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Submission Guidelines for ZINBVN
  ZINBUN, 40: 153-154
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Institute for Research in Humanities, Staff and Seminars 2007
  ZINBUN, 40: 141-151
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200 Example Sentences in the Mu-nya Language (Tanggu Dialect)
  Ikeda, Takumi (2008-03)
  ZINBUN, 40: 71-140
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Jia Yi on the Law
  Sanft, Charles (2008-03)
  ZINBUN, 40: 53-70
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Excluded Presence : Shoguns, Minstrels, Bodyguards, and Japan's Encounters with the Black Other
  Russell, John G. (2008-03)
  ZINBUN, 40: 15-51
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Du « cadre narratif » dans Exercices de style de Raymond Queneau
  Kubo, Akihiro (2008-03)
  ZINBUN, 40: 1-13
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Cover & Contents
  ZINBUN, 40
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