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Tsuboi, Tomomasa ... [et al]. The importance of stabilizing PaCO<inf>2</inf> during long-term non-invasive ventilation in subjects with COPD
宮崎, 修一. 安定マッチング問題に対する近似アルゴリズム. 第25回RAMPシンポジウム論文集. 2013. 30-45. 安定マッチング問題は,1962年にGaleとShapleyにより提唱された配属
Hongo, Shun ... [et al]. Female Reproductive Seasonality and Male Influxes in Wild Mandrills (Mandrillus sphinx)
Yamasaki, Syudo ... [et al]. Dissociation mediates the relationship between peer victimization and hallucinatory experiences among early adolescents
Lam, Johnny ... [et al]. Data describing the swelling behavior and cytocompatibility of biodegradable polyelectrolyte hydrogels incorporating poly(L-lysine) for applications in cartilage tissue engineering
. Center For Integrated Area Studies, Kyoto University : Integrated Area Studies • Area Studies Support Facilities • Area Studies Informatics, 2015
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