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Hayashi, Takahiro ... [et al]. Remote defect imaging for plate-like structures based on the scanning laser source technique
山内, 裕 ... [et al]. サービスデザイン再考 : 相互主観性からの視座. マーケティングジャーナル = Japan marketing journal. 35. 2016. 64-74. 本
Abe, K. ... [et al]. Search for Lorentz and CPT violation using sidereal time dependence of neutrino flavor transitions over a short baseline
Abe, K. ... [et al]. Measurement of ν¯μ and νμ charged current inclusive cross sections and their ratio with the T2K off-axis near detector
Abe, K. ... [et al]. Updated T2K measurements of muon neutrino and antineutrino disappearance using 1.5×10[21] protons on target
Abe, K. ... [et al]. Measurement of neutrino and antineutrino oscillations by the T2K experiment including a new additional sample of νe interactions at the far detector
Abe, K. ... [et al]. Characterization of nuclear effects in muon-neutrino scattering on hydrocarbon with a measurement of final-state kinematics and correlations in charged-current pionless interactions at T2K
Abe, K. ... [et al]. Measurement of inclusive double-differential νμ charged-current cross section with improved acceptance in the T2K off-axis near detector
Hiragi, Shusuke ... [et al]. The effect of model selection on cost-effectiveness research: a comparison of kidney function-based microsimulation and disease grade-based microsimulation in chronic kidney disease modeling
Tang, Leiming ... [et al]. Competition between translation initiation factor eIF5 and its mimic protein 5MP determines non-AUG initiation rate genome-wide