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Chanda, Obed ... [et al]. Regional efficiency and total factor productivity change for small and medium sorghum producers in Zambia: A slacks-based measure and Malmquist index approach
Tsuji, Tetsuro ... [et al]. Instant computational tool of optothermal fluidics. 2024
Kubota, Ryou ... [et al]. Visualizing Formation and Dynamics of a Three-Dimensional Sponge-like Network of a Coacervate in Real Time
Liu, Han ... [et al]. Thermal sensation and physiological responses in non-uniform bathing thermal environment: A comparative study on 25-, 52-, and 71-year-old participants
Liu, Han ... [et al]. Study on physiological response considering blood flow volume in transient and non-uniform bathing thermal environment using thermo-cardiovascular regulation model
Tadokoro, Atsushi. Optimal policy against distortions caused by monopolistic competition and variable markup pricing
Wada, Masahisa ... [et al]. Three-dimensional alignment of cellulose II microcrystals under a strong magnetic field
平, 大樹 ... [et al]. イントロダクション特集「吸入による薬剤投与の最適化: 適正評価と適正使用」. 薬剤学. 83. 2023. 111-113
山本, 明志. 「サキャパ時代」から「パクモドゥパ時代」へ --チベット語典籍史料における記述の変遷をめぐって--. 東洋史研究. 79. 2021. 662-629. The historical consensus
大川, 裕子. 長江下流低濕地における水生植物利用の變遷史. 東洋史研究. 79. 2021. 557-586. This paper focuses on aquatic plants in the Lower