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Ueno, Yuki ... [et al]. Exploration behavior of group-in-a-box layouts. Food Science and Human Wellness
松下, 佳代. 能力をめぐる普遍性と時代性. 教育展望 臨時増刊(グローバル化社会の学校教育Ⅱ―これからの社会に求められる資質・能力―. 61. 2015. 21-25
松下, 佳代. 深い学びにおける知識とスキル - 教科固有性と汎用性に焦点をあてて -. 教育目標・評価学会紀要. 27. 2017. 1-10
Umezawa, Kozen ... [et al]. A visual analytics system to support the formation of a hypothesis from calcium wave data
Hirose, Jun ... [et al]. Biphenyl/PCB degrading bph genes of ten bacterial strains isolated from biphenyl-contaminated soil in Kitakyushu, Japan: comparative and dynamic features as integrative conjugative elements (ICEs)
Okada, Yohei ... [et al]. The development and validation of a "5A" severity scale for predicting in-hospital mortality after accidental hypothermia from J-point registry data
Horikawa, Tomoyasu ... [et al]. Characterization of deep neural network features by decodability from human brain activity
Honda, Arata ... [et al]. Efficient derivation of knock-out and knock-in rats using embryos obtained by in vitro fertilization
. 京都大学総合博物館ニュースレターNo. 46. 京都大学総合博物館ニュースレター = Newsletter. 46. 2019. 1-12
. 京大広報 No. 744. 京大広報. 744. 2019. 5248-5271