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梁, 琳娟 ... [et al]. 中国における大規模語学教育プラットフォーム「炉江」の教授機能分析. 日本教育工学会論文誌. 42. 2018. 173-176. 近年,中国では ICT を活用した日
Yoshinaga, Noriyoshi ... [et al]. A screening for DNA damage response molecules that affect HIV-1 infection
森実, 飛鳥. パーキンソン病に対する多能性幹細胞を用いた細胞移植治療の現状. 臨床神経学. 59. 2019. 119-124. パーキンソン病に対する細胞移植治療は中絶胎児をドナーソースとして行われた
Sugiura, Airi ... [et al]. Discovery of a nonsteroidal brassinolide-like compound, NSBR1. Journal of Pesticide
Kubota, Shin. Parallel, paedomorphic evolutionary processes of the bivalve-inhabiting hydrozoans (Leptomedusae, Eirenidae) deduced from the morphology, life cycle and biogeography, with special reference to taxonomic treatment of Eugymnanthea
YU, Xiaohua. <Summary>Structural Change, Technical Efficiency and Land Lease for Chinese Family Farms.
GASSELIN, Pierre. <Working Paper>Transformation of French Family Farming: from Diversity Study to Coexistence Analysis of Agricultural Models
SHIMIZU, Tatsuya. <Summary>Changing Family Farming in Latin America. The Natural Resource Economics Review
BOSC, Pierre-Marie ... [et al]. <Working Paper>Which Framework to Analyse Contemporary African Agricultural Holdings?
. Cover, Contents, Preface. The Natural Resource Economics Review = 生物資源経済研究. special. 2019