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Sukegawa, Momoe ... [et al]. The effects of Hebb repetition learning and temporal grouping in immediate serial recall of spatial location
Saculsan, Phoebe Grace J. ... [et al]. What can the Philippines learn from Thailand`s ENCON Fund in overcoming the barriers to developing renewable energy resources
Fukumoto, Yoshiyuki ... [et al]. Critical earthquake input energy to connected building structures using impulse input
Murakami, Kazuma ... [et al]. Three Structural Features of Functional Food Components and Herbal Medicine with Amyloid β42 Anti-Aggregation Properties
Kuwayama, Takanori ... [et al]. ⁷⁷Se-NMR study under pressure on 12%-S doped FeSe. Journal of the Physical
Tsutsumi, S. ... [et al]. Spin density wave and superconductivity in CaFe₁₋xCoxAsF studied by nuclear magnetic resonance
岩井, 泰児 ... [et al]. 動体追尾放射線治療のための複数周辺臓器の多次元特徴量に基づく膵癌変位推定法. 電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 = IEICE technical report : 信
Furutani, Yutaka ... [et al]. An interferon-like small chemical compound CDM-3008 suppresses hepatitis B virus through induction of interferon-stimulated genes
Lin, Yuan ... [et al]. Trend and risk factors of recurrence and complications after arrhythmias radiofrequency catheter ablation: a nation-wide observational study in Taiwan
Matsuzaki, Tadanobu ... [et al]. Hes1 expression in mature neurons in the adult mouse brain is required for normal behaviors