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A novel detection technique of polyamide binding sites by photo-induced electron transfer in (Br)U substituted DNA
  A, Saha; F, Hashiya; S, Kizaki; S, Asamitsu; K, Hashiya; T, Bando; H, Sugiyama (2015-10-04)
  Chemical communications(Cambridge, England), 51(77): 14485-14488
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Single-Molecule Manipulation of the Duplex Formation and Dissociation at the G-Quadruplex/i-Motif Site in the DNA Nanostructure
  M, Endo; X, Xing; X, Zhou; T, Emura; K, Hidaka; B, Tuesuwan; H, Sugiyama (2015-10-27)
  ACS nano, 9(10): 9922-9929
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