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Die Kritik der These des lateinischen Einflusses auf die deutsche Nebensatz-wortstellung SOV
  Kawasaki, Yasushi (1985-12-01)
  言語学研究, 4: 55-68
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Dom Texts : 'A Hawk and a Parrot', 'A Dog and a Pig', and 'Stealing'
  Tida, Syuntarô (2001-12-24)
  京都大学言語学研究, 20: 11-36
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Einige Bemerkungen über den Ursprung des creaky Tons im Tibetischen von Sharkhog [Songpan-Jiuzhaigou]
  Suzuki, Hiroyuki (2005-12-24)
  京都大学言語学研究, 24: 45-57
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Epistemic stance marker as a disagreement preface : Wo juede ‘I feel/think’ in Mandarin conversation in response to assessments
  Endo, Tomoko (2010-12-25)
  京都大学言語学研究, 29: 43-76
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excluding の用法の歴史的変化 : 文法化の観点から
  林, 智昭 (2013-12)
  言語科学論集 = Papers in linguistic science, 19: 127-150
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  Shirai, Kenichiro (1982-12-01)
  言語学研究, 1: 79-93
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False Implicature Model of Deceptive Communication --Beyond Information Management Theories of Deception--
  KOYAMA, Tetsuharu (2003-12)
  言語科学論集 = Papers in linguistic science, 9: 1-17
Form-Meaning Associations in Japanese : Analysis of Native and Non-Native Corpus Data
  PRIYA, Ananth (2011-12-25)
  京都大学言語学研究, 30: 1-33
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Functions of Reporting Discourse from a Discourse-Analytic Perspective
  SAKITA, Tomoko I. (1995-12)
  言語科学論集 = Papers in linguistic science, 1: 1-13
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Generic schema of spatial and temporal domains: the concepts of Sequence and Duration
  Usui, Tomoko (2007-12)
  言語科学論集 = Papers in linguistic science, 13: 1-14
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Gillian Sankoff, The Sociology of Language, 1980
  細川, 弘明 (1982-12-01)
  言語学研究, 1: 110-112
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  Sakai, Hiromu (1988-12-01)
  言語学研究, 7: 1-20
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Image Schemas for In-Out Orientation --With Special Reference to Out, Come, Appear, Occur and Emerge--
  FUKADA, Chie (1997-12)
  言語科学論集 = Papers in linguistic science, 3: 61-76
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Information Structure and Intonation of Right-Dislocation Sentences in Japanese
  NAKAGAWA, Natsuko, ASAO, Yoshihiko, NAGAYA, Naonori (2008-12-25)
  京都大学言語学研究, 27: 1-22
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Inside the Mental Mechanism of Evaluation Processing
  SUGAYA, YUSUKE (2015-12)
  言語科学論集 = Papers in linguistic science, 21: 153-182
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Is the Ontological Commitment to "Rules" Really Preferable to Linguistic Science? : A Critical Assessment of the Symbolist-Connectionist Debate on the "Learning of the Past Tenses of English Verbs
  KURODA, Kow (1995-12)
  言語科学論集 = Papers in linguistic science, 1: 15-29
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Japanese Temporal Connectives : ~tara, tokoro, toki : A Pragmatic Analysis
  Ananth, Priya (2006-12-25)
  京都大学言語学研究, 25: 1-39
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Latin -issimus
  Nishimura, Kanéhiro (2000-12-24)
  京都大学言語学研究, 19: 33-41
  高橋, 慶治 (1996-12-24)
  言語学研究, 15: 19-48
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Licensing Conditions of the French Reflexive Clitic
  Fujita, Takeshi (1995-12-24)
  言語学研究, 14: 213-238
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