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Abstract of Vol.5, Nov.1988
  西洋古典論集, 5: 99-111
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Abstract of Vol.6, Sep.1989
  西洋古典論集, 6: 119-126
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Abstract of Vol.7, May.1990
  西洋古典論集, 7: 133-141
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Abstract of Vol.8, Dec.1991
  西洋古典論集, 8: 83-85
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Abstract of Vol.9, Dec.1991
  西洋古典論集, 9: 89-94
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  西洋古典論集, 23: 98-101
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  西洋古典論集, 24: 66-67
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Anacreon をdodoitsu に
  山沢, 孝至 (2010-03-28)
  西洋古典論集, 22: 306-319
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Archaeologia Vergiliana : アエネアス伝説と女神信仰
  小川, 正広 (1980-03-20)
  西洋古典論集, 1: 41-66
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Bedarf die Politik im Rom der Divination? : Untersuchungen zur Existenz der Gottheit in De divinatione Ciceros
  Takahata, Tokiko (2008-03)
  西洋古典論集, 21: 12-36
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<Book Review> G. Nagy, Comparative Studies in Greek and Indic Meter, Harvard university Press, Cambridge, Mass., 1974. / id., On the Origins of the Greek Hexameter : Synchronic and Diachronic Perspectives, Amsterdam Studies in the Theory and History of Linguistic Science IV, Amsterdam, 1980
  箕田, 正開 (1992-09-30)
  西洋古典論集, 10: 64-77
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Ciceros Kritik an der epikureischen Iustitia-Lehre in De finibus und De re publica
  Takahata, Tokiko (2001-06-15)
  西洋古典論集, 17: 85-111
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Cosmogonic Fragment of Alcman (Oxyrhynchus Papyri XXIV)
  Yasumura, Noriko (2001-06-15)
  西洋古典論集, 17: 1-15
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Ein Jahr mit Michio Oka
  Schmitt, Arbogast (2001-01-31)
  西洋古典論集, 別冊: 99-101
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Georgica の独創性 : 「農耕賛歌」の解釈をめぐって
  山下, 太郎 (1989-09-30)
  西洋古典論集, 6: 29-51
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In memoriam Michio OKA : Erinnerung an meinen Freund
  Beck, Michael (2001-01-31)
  西洋古典論集, 別冊: 80-84
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Juvenalis における exempla maiorum
  谷, 栄一郎 (1980-03-20)
  西洋古典論集, 1: 67-76
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La Cultura Clasica y el Japon
  Kobayashi, Kozue (1990-05-31)
  西洋古典論集, 7: 99-115
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Michio Oka in Mainz
  Spira, Andreas (2001-01-31)
  西洋古典論集, 別冊: 64-68
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MordprozeB und Strafe im fruhen Athen
  Hirayama, Koji (2003-07-20)
  西洋古典論集, 19: 94-102
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