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A Brave New World After All? : 'Nature' in the Work of Some Contemporary Poets (50TH Special Edition)
  Hale, David (1985-03)
  英文学評論, 50: 15-44
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A Diachronic Study on the Dual-Form Adverbs Deep/ly, Quick/ly, and Slow/ly in American English 1810–2009
  Shimizu, Masahiro (2017-06-30)
  Zephyr, 29: 72-85
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A Preliminary Corpus-based Study on the Synonyms of slay and kill in Old English
  Takahashi, Yuki (2015-07-31)
  Zephyr, 27: 30-43
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A Preliminary to Fuller Investigations of Cognitive Mechanisms Underlying the There-Amalgam
  Takaki, Isamu (2010-03-19)
  Zephyr, 22: 20-37
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"A Shrewd Contriver" : 『ジュリアス・シーザー』におけるアントニー論
  阿野, 賢二 (1996-11-20)
  Zephyr, 10: 1-16
A Silent Character in The Waves
  Okumura, Sayaka (2003-11-30)
  Zephyr, 17: 1-20
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A Study of the Dissolution of Character in The Voyage Out
  Matsumoto, Yoriko (1994-11-20)
  Zephyr, 8: 163-182
A Study of the Thematic Structure in English and in Japanese
  Tanaka, Haruko (1995-11-20)
  Zephyr, 9: 87-103
A Style of Song Lyrics: The Case of Really
  WATANABE, Ayano (2018-06-14)
  Zephyr, 30: 12-27
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Adrian Noble and Language in Romeo and Juliet
  Kuwayama, Tomonari (2001-11-30)
  Zephyr, 15: 19-38
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Africa, England, Elysium : On The Masques of Blackness and of Beauty
  Mizuno, Mari (1989-03)
  英文学評論, 57: [1]-20
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  蜂谷, 昭雄 (1968-01)
  英文学評論, 22: 26-45
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All Wars are Boyish : メルヴィルの四つの戦争詩
  中村, 紘一 (1980-08)
  英文学評論, 43: 24-53
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An Introduction to Restoration Comedy : An Essay on She Would If She Could
  Maruhashi, Yoshio (1997-03)
  英文学評論, 69: 20-37
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An Inverted Pilgrimage : Blake's Milton and The Pilgrim's Progress
  Suzuki, Masashi (1991-09)
  英文学評論, 62: 49-72
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  佐々部, 英男 (1985-03)
  英文学評論, 50: 1-21
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Anticipation of Experience : ダンとパラケルサス、結
  桜井, 正一郎 (1973-12)
  英文学評論, 31: 1-45
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Antony and Cleopatra : ルネッサンス・プラトニズムの観点から
  徳久, 久美子 (1994-11-20)
  Zephyr, 8: 135-146
Archaeological Metaphors in The Age of Innocence
  Hiroshima, Sachiko (2010-12-24)
  Zephyr, 23: 38-51
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Are They Merely “Prescriptive”? - Multiple Negation and the 18th-century Grammars
  Kawabe, Ruiko (2010-03-19)
  Zephyr, 22: 1-19
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