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Baudelaire and Prince Hamlet
  Roberts, David (1988-10)
  英文学評論, 56: 1-28
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Be + -ing in Letters: Comparison of Usages between John Winthrop (1588-1649) and His Male Descendants
  Fukunaga, Mariko (2019-06-10)
  Zephyr, 31: 1-20
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Beowulf における酒宴のたのしみ
  佐々部, 英男 (1979-01)
  英文学評論, 40: 1-18
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Browning in Asolo
  Rees, Simon (1989-03)
  英文学評論, 57: 21-34
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By Their Bad Usage Made So : Historical Models and the Status of Women in Early Modern England
  Harvey, Paul A.S. (1987-10)
  英文学評論, 54: [1]-25
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Causative Make in the King James Bible (1611): Possible Factors Influencing the Choice of Bare and To-Infinitives
  Moriya, Akira (2017-06-30)
  Zephyr, 29: 44-58
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Chapbook Relative Pronouns with Reference to Eighteenth-Century Grammars
  Yahashi, Chie (1996-11-20)
  Zephyr, 10: 95-110
Charles Tomlinson in the "Golfo dei Poeti
  Robinson, Peter (1989-11)
  英文学評論, 58: [1]-23
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Commentarii Etymologici(I) : 擬音語と鳥の名称
  永野, 芳郎 (1980-11)
  英文学評論, 44: [1]-21
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Commentariolum Etymologicum : 英語に回帰したゲルマン系の語詞
  永野, 芳郎 (1989-11)
  英文学評論, 58: 57-94
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Commodity Theme and Irony in King John
  Aoki, Keiji (1987-03)
  英文学評論, 53: 77-106
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Conflict of Sympathies: Maggie Tulliver in The Mill on the Floss
  Ishii, Masako (2015-07-31)
  Zephyr, 27: 1-29
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Consent is law enough to set you free : ファーカーの『しゃれ男の策略』について(I)
  丸橋, 良雄 (1998-01)
  英文学評論, 70: 31-49
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Consent is law enough to set you free : ファーカーの『しゃれ男の策略』について(II)
  丸橋, 良雄 (1999-01)
  英文学評論, 71: [1]-17
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  Zephyr, 27
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Critic or Creator : Wyndham Lewis and The Childermass
  Constable, John (1992-09)
  英文学評論, 64: [1]-19
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Daisy Miller の謎
  水野, 尚之 (2000-02)
  英文学評論, 72: 79-98
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Dead Ends and Dead Endings in the Teaching of Afro-American Literature
  Pavloska, Susanna (1989-11)
  英文学評論, 58: 25-39
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Dependence in the Poetry of W. S. Graham
  Robinson, Peter (1990-10)
  英文学評論, 60: 141-147
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Development in Yeats's Use of the Refrain in Ballads and Folk Songs in "Beggar to Beggar Cried," "The Rose Tree,"and "Three Things
  Nishitani, Mariko (2014-03-31)
  Zephyr, 26: 1-18
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