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'O wommanliche wif'-クリセイデ論
  六反田, 收 (1998-01)
  英文学評論, 70: 51-65
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OE Apollonius of Type
  佐々部, 英男 (1971-03)
  英文学評論, 27: 1-15
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OE Freond について
  佐々部, 英男 (1969-03)
  英文学評論, 24: 1-14
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Oil and vinegar について : The School for Scandal に見られるアイロニーと諷刺
  丸橋, 良雄 (1992-09)
  英文学評論, 64: 39-58
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Old English Word Order Patterns in Subordinate Clauses in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle MS. F: A Pragmatic Perspective
  Takahashi, Yuki (2017-06-30)
  Zephyr, 29: 1-18
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  Crichton, James (1965-11)
  英文学評論, 18: [1]-14
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On Some Infrequent Features in Voltaire's Letters: The Progressive and Singular you was/were
  IMAI, Yasutaka (2018-06-14)
  Zephyr, 30: 1-11
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On the Delimitation of the Theme
  Hayashi, Nozomi (1999-11-15)
  Zephyr, 13: 1-18
On the Historical Development of Use(d) to from 1601 to 1800:Using the OED as a Corpus
  Imai, Yasutaka (2014-03-31)
  Zephyr, 26: 38-57
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On the Interchangeability of on and of in the Peterborough Chronicle from 1070 to 1154
  Takahashi, Yuki (2013-07-18)
  Zephyr, 25: 18-29
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On the Pragmatic Functions of Modal Adverbs : A Corpus-based Study of Linguistic Variations in Present-day English
  Suzuki, Daisuke (2011-12-26)
  Zephyr, 24: 1-21
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On the Pronunciation of "Amusee" and Secondary Stress in General
  Kobayashi, Shozo (1954-03)
  英文学評論, 1: [1]-9
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  Sell, David (1980-11)
  英文学評論, 44: 22-56
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OR FRUITFULLEST VIRGINIA WHO DID EVER VIEW ?' : a discussion of English travel writing relating to early colonization in America : 1580-1630
  Harvey, Paul A.S. (1987-03)
  英文学評論, 53: 36-57
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  松木, 泉 (1954-03)
  英文学評論, 1: 169-180
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Personalities and Discourse Styles: The Cases of Tryan in Janet's Repentance and St John in Jane Eyre
  Ishii, Masako (2014-03-31)
  Zephyr, 26: 19-37
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Philip Larkin : Here and There
  Robinson, Peter (1990-03)
  英文学評論, 59: [1]-39
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Polarities : A Study of John Ashbery's "The Tennis Court Oath
  Ford, Mark (1993-03)
  英文学評論, 65: 39-80
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Pragmatic Uses of Level Tone in English Conversation
  Miyake, Hiroaki (2000-11-15)
  Zephyr, 14: 35-51
Prose and Verse
  Kobayashi, Shozo (1955-03)
  英文学評論, 2: [1]-16
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