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The 3-loop polynomial of knots obtained by plumbing the doubles of two knots
  YAMAGUCHI, Kouki (2022-07)
  : 1-48
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Anabelian geometry of complete discrete valuation fields and ramification filtrations
  MUROTANI, Takahiro (2021-03)
  : 1-33
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Anabelian Group-theoretic Properties of the Pro-p Absolute Galois Groups of Henselian Discrete Valuation Fields
  MINAMIDE, Arata; TSUJIMURA, Shota (2021-08)
  : 1-28
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Birational Anabelian Grothendieck Conjecture for Curves over Arbitrary Cyclotomic Extension Fields of Number Fields
  TSUJIMURA, Shota (2022-02)
  : 1-38
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Category-theoretic Reconstruction of Schemes from Categories of Reduced Schemes
  YUJI, Tomoki (2022-03)
  : 1-64
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Combinatorial Construction of the Absolute Galois Group of the Field of Rational Numbers
  HOSHI, Yuichiro; MOCHIZUKI, Shinichi; TSUJIMURA, Shota (2020-12)
  : 1-97
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A comprehensive numerical simulation of steel-concrete composite beam incorporating compressive failure of concrete
  Pal, Mahendra Kumar; Yamashita, Takuzo; Miyamura, Tomoshi; Ohsaki, Makoto (2019)
  International Journal of Computational Methods
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Congruence Relations Connecting Tate-Shafarevich Groups with Bernoulli-Hurwitz Numbers by Elliptic Gauss Sums in Eisenstein Integers Case
  GOTO, Akihiro (2022-03)
  : 1-32
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Construction of Abundant Explicit Nongeometric Pro-p Galois Sections of Punctured Projective Lines
  HOSHI, Yuichiro; TSUJIMURA, Shota (2021-06)
  : 1-12
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Construction of Non-×μ-Indivisible TKND-AVKF-Fields
  TSUJIMURA, Shota (2021-06)
  : 1-12
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Continuous Functions on Final Comodels of Free Algebraic Theories
  YOSHIDA, Tomoya (2022-09)
  : 1-17
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Curves and symmetric spaces III: BN-special vs. 1-PS degeneration : To the memory of Professor C.S. Seshadri
  MUKAI, Shigeru (2022-06)
  : 1-11
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Design of Ad Hoc Wireless Mesh Networks Formed by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with Advanced Mechanical Automation
  Shimkuma, Ryoichi; Mandayam, Narayan B. (2018-04)
  : 1-12
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Explicit Estimates in Inter-universal Teichmüller Theory
  MOCHIZUKI, Shinichi; FESENKO, Ivan; HOSHI, Yuichiro; MINAMIDE, Arata; POROWSKI, Wojciech (2020-11)
  : 1-55
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Galois-theoretic Characterization of Geometric Isomorphism Classes of Quasi-monodromically Full Hyperbolic Curves with Small Numerical Invariants
  HOSHI, Yuichiro; IIJIMA, Yu (2021-12)
  : 1-30
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Generalized Bounded Linear Logic and its Categorical Semantics
  FUKIHARA, Yōji; KATSUMATA, Shin-ya (2020-11)
  : 1-34
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A geometric description of the Reidemeister-Turaev torsion of 3-manifolds
  SHIMIZU, Tatsuro (2021-07)
  : 1-34
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The Geometry of Hyperbolic Curvoids
  HOSHI, Yuichiro (2020-09)
  : 1-46
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Homomorphisms of Global Solvably Closed Galois Groups Compatible with Cyclotomic Characters
  HOSHI, Yuichiro (2021-12)
  : 1-14
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Immediate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the socio-emotional and digital skills of Japanese children
  Moriguchi, Yusuke; Sakata, Chifumi; Meng, Xianwei; Todo, Naoya (2020-05-28)
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