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Artificially controllable nanodevices constructed by DNA origami technology: photofunctionalization and single molecule analysis
  Yang, Yangyang (2014-03-24)
  Kyoto University (京都大学)
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Site-specific DNA oxidation by a dinuclear copper complex containing a photoisomerizable azobenzene ligand
  Ito, Takeo, Akamatsu, Kanako, Takeuchi, Kouhei, Satani, Manami, Tanabe, Kazuhito, Nishimoto, Sei-ichi (2013-11)
  Inorganica Chimica Acta, 408: 230-234
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Synthesis and properties of amino acid-derived optically active photo-responsive polymers
  Sogawa, Hiromitsu, Terada, Kayo, Masuda, Toshio, Sanda, Fumio (2009-12)
  Polymer Bulletin, 63(6): 803-813
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