African Study Monographs. Supplementary Issue.

African Study Monographs. Supplementary Issue. (ASM Supplementary Issue)
発行: The Center for African Area Studies, Kyoto University : 京都大学アフリカ地域研究資料センター
ISSN: 0286-9667
African Study Monographs

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   56(African Potentials: Their Diversity, Dynamism and Challenges)   (2018-03  )  

     Cover, Contents

    TAKAHASHI, Motoki 
     p.1 -2

     African National Anthems: Their Value System and Normative 'Potential'
    ONDITI, Francis 
     p.3 -20

     The African Concept of Personhood and its Relevance to Respect for Human Life and Dignity in Africa and the Global Context
    MUSANA, Paddy 
     p.21 -32

     Potentials of African Pastoralism: Practice of Citizenship for Livelihood in East African Pastoral Society
    HAZAMA, Itsuhiro 
     p.33 -52

     Mobility as Emancipation: Viewing People on the Move in Uganda through the Dwelling Perspective
    TAHARA, Noriko 
     p.53 -75

     Women in Pastoral Societies and the Church in Kilosa, Tanzania
    MASSOI, Lucy Willy 
     p.77 -86

     Indigenous Ecotourism as a Poverty Eradication Strategy: A Case Study of the Maasai People in the Amboseli Region of Kenya
    ONDICHO, Tom Gesora 
     p.87 -109

     Juveniles' Right to Education: A Case Study of Kampiringisa National Rehabilitation Centre
    GALABBA, Bosco 
     p.111 -125