African Study Monographs. Supplementary Issue.

African Study Monographs. Supplementary Issue. (ASM Supplementary Issue)
発行: The Center for African Area Studies, Kyoto University : 京都大学アフリカ地域研究資料センター
ISSN: 0286-9667
African Study Monographs

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   53(Localization of Humanitarian Assistance Frameworks for East African Pastoralists)   (2017-03)  

     Introduction: The Articulation-Sphere Approach to Humanitarian Assistance to East African Pastoralists
    KONAKA, Shinya 
     p.1 -17

     Strengthening Local Safety Nets as a Key to Enhancing the Food Security of Pastoralists in East Africa: A Case Study of the Rendille of Northern Kenya
    SUN, Xiaogang 
     p.19 -33

     Building Resilience through Social Capital as a Counter-Measure to Natural Disasters in Africa: A Case Study from a Project in Pastoralist and Agro-Pastoralist Communities in Borena, in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia
    SHIMADA, Go      MOTOMURA, Miki 
     p.35 -51

     Articulation between the Material Culture of East African Pastoralists and Non-Food Items of Humanitarian Assistance
    KONAKA, Shinya 
     p.53 -67

     Violence and Medical Pluralism among the Karimojong and the Dodoth in Northeastern Uganda
    HAZAMA, Itsuhiro 
     p.69 -84

     Political and Military (Mis)Use of Humanitarian Action and Aid: Since the End of the Cold War and the Onset of "the War on Terror"
    YONEKAWA, Masako 
     p.85 -101

     The Daily Life Strategies of Small-Scale Farmers after Prolonged War: The Long-Term Influence of Humanitarian Assistance
    MURAO, Rumiko 
     p.103 -116

     Humanitarian Assistance from the Viewpoint of Hunter-Gatherer Studies: Cases of Central African Forest Foragers
    MATSUURA, Naoki 
     p.117 -129

     Research Note The Livelihood Strategies of South Sudanese in a Refugee Settlement in Uganda
    MOCHIZUKI, Yoshinori 
     p.131 -139

     Comment 1: Pastoral Localization of Humanitarian Aid: The Need to Re-Qualify the Pastoral Context
    KRÄTLI, Saverio 
     p.141 -146

     Comment 2: The Role of Cultural Heritage in the Basic Needs of East African Pastoralists
    MIRE, Sada 
     p.147 -157

     Comment 3: Ethnoveterinary and Slaughtering Practices Can Contribute to Development and Drought Response in Pastoral Areas
    TAFFESE, Mesfin Metekia 
     p.159 -164

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