Recent Submissions

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Matsuoka, Shunsuke ... [et al]. Evaluation of host effects on ectomycorrhizal fungal community compositions in a forested landscape in northern Japan
Kimura, Masahiro ... [et al]. Homeobox A4 suppresses vascular remodeling by repressing YAP/TEAD transcriptional activity
Dumlao, Samuel Matthew G. ... [et al]. Reproducing solar curtailment with Fourier analysis using Japan dataset
Kumagai, Toshihiro ... [et al]. Top-down and bottom-up attention cause the ventriloquism effect with distinct electroencephalography modulations
吉津, 洋一 ... [et al]. X線CTを用いたModified GIN工法導入地点でのグラウト浸透状況の可視化. 土木学会論文集C(地圏工学). 76. 2020. 394-404. GIN工法
Tajima, Tomoyuki ... [et al]. Reproductive success of two male morphs in a free-ranging population of Bornean orangutans
Kan, Daisuke ... [et al]. Influence of deposition rate on magnetic properties of inverse-spinel NiCo2O4epitaxial thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition
Lai, Ming Wei ... [et al]. Understanding ordered structure in hematite nanowhiskers synthesized via thermal oxidation of iron-based substrates
Pyeon, Cheol Ho ... [et al]. Neutron Generation Time in Highly-Enriched Uranium Core at Kyoto University Critical Assembly
Tanaka, Soichi ... [et al]. Influence of pulsive pressure waves on liquid penetration into wood in semi-opened container
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