Recent Submissions

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Toshimitsu, A ... [et al]. Phosphonium sila-ylide: Reaction pathway different from ammonium sila-ylide but similar to phosphonium ylide
Kosaka, T ... [et al]. Video-based interactive media for gently giving instructions. KNOWLEDGE-BASED INTELLIGENT
Morisaki, Y ... [et al]. Synthesis and optical properties of the [2.2]paracyclophane-containing pi-conjugated polymer with a diacetylene unit
Sakaki, S ... [et al]. Theoretical study of the Cp2Zr-catalyzed hydrosilylation of ethylene. Reaction mechanism including new sigma-bond activation
Negoro, Y ... [et al]. Robust 4H-SiC pn diodes fabricated using (1120) face. JAPANESE JOURNAL OF APPLIED
Ching, WY ... [et al]. Prediction of the new spinel phase of Ti3N4, and SiTi2N4 and the metal-insulator transition
Shiraki, K ... [et al]. Biophysical effect of amino acids on the prevention of protein aggregation. JOURNAL
Yagyu, H ... [et al]. Application of nanoparticles dispersed polymer to micropowder blasting mask. JOURNAL
Yamada, K ... [et al]. Polycystin-L is a voltage dependent and non-selective cation channel. JOURNAL OF
Nishida, T ... [et al]. Regeneration of defects in the articular cartilage in rat knee joints by connective tissue growth factor/hypertrophic chondrocyte-specific gene product 24 (CTGF/Hcs24)
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