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A high temperature superconducting induction/synchronous motor with a ten-fold improvement in torque density
  Nakamura, T, Matsumura, K, Nishimura, T, Nagao, K, Yamada, Y, Amemiya, N, Itoh, Y, Terazawa, T, Osamura, K (2011-01-01)
  Superconductor Science and Technology, 24(1)
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Radical kinetics for polymer film deposition in fluorocarbon (C4F8, C3F6 and C5F8) plasmas
  Takahashi, K, Itoh, A, Nakamura, T, Tachibana, K (2000)
  THIN SOLID FILMS, 374(2): 303-310
Powerful solvent effect of water in radical reaction: Triethylborane-induced atom-transfer radical cyclization in water
  Yorimitsu, H, Nakamura, T, Shinokubo, H, Oshima, K, Omoto, K, Fujimoto, H (2000)
Remarkable rate acceleration of Pd(0)-catalyzed hydrogermylation of alkynes and dienes in water
  Kinoshita, H, Nakamura, T, Kakiya, H, Shinokubo, H, Matsubara, S, Oshima, K (2001)
  ORGANIC LETTERS, 3(16): 2521-2524
Radical addition of triphenylgermane to vinyloxiranes: Its application to synthesis of 4-vinyltetrahydro-2-furanones
  Tanaka, S, Nakamura, T, Yorimitsu, H, Shinokubo, H, Matsubara, S, Oshima, K (2001)
  SYNLETT, 8: 1278-1280
Flexible and shape-selective guest binding at Cu-II axial sites in 1-dimensional Cu-III-1,2-bis(4-pyridyl)ethane coordination polymers
  Noro, S, Horike, S, Tanaka, D, Kitagawa, S, Akutagawa, T, Nakamura, T (2006)
  INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 45(23): 9290-9300
Mechanical properties of the bioabsorbable polyglycolic acid-collagen nerve guide tube
  Tanaka, S, Takigawa, T, Ichihara, S, Nakamura, T (2006)
Functionalities of one-dimensional dynamic ultramicropores in nickel(II) coordination polymers
  Noro, S, Kitaura, R, Kitagawa, S, Akutagawa, T, Nakamura, T (2006)
  INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 45(22): 8990-8997
Theoretical analysis of high temperature superconducting induction/synchronous machine based on the nonlinear electrical equivalent circuit
  Nakamura, T, Nishimura, T, Nagao, K, Matsumura, K, Ogama, Y (2008)
  Proceeding of XVIII International Conference on Electrical Machines (ICEM'08): 1278-1282
Design and performance of compensator for decremental persistent current in HTS magnets using linear type magnetic flux pump
  Chung, YD, Muta, I, Hoshino, T, Nakamura, T, Shon, MH (2004)
  CRYOGENICS, 44(11): 839-844