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Title: 尿路結石の研究 第1篇:水酸化アルミニウム ゲル(アルミゲル)こよる燐酸塩結石の予防に関する研究
Other Titles: Study of Urinary Calculus Chapter 1. Study pertaining on the prevention of phosphate calculus by means of Alumina gels hydroxide administration.
Authors: 加藤, 晋造  KAKEN_name
Author's alias: KATO, Sinzo
Issue Date: Sep-1956
Publisher: 京都大学医学部泌尿器科教室
Journal title: 泌尿器科紀要
Volume: 2
Issue: 5
Start page: 270
End page: 279
Abstract: By the insertion of 2 kinds of foreign body, a piece of galvanized iron plate and silkthread into the bladder of 34 male white rats of about 150 gm. in body weight and by administation of 0.2 gm. to 0.4 gm. daily of Alumina gels powder to half of these white rats for 50 to 60 days, the cystocalculus formation due to foreign body and the rise and fall of inorganic phosphorus and pH in urine by administration of same drug were observed. The remaining numbers of rats were left without drug administration as controlanimals. Following conclusion was obtained by the observation of the rise and fall of inorganic phosphorus and pH in urine of several Patients with phosphoric acid calculus of the kidney, whom Alumina gels were administered. 1) Cystocalculus formation of rats due to foreign body is extremely controlled by Alumina gels administration. 2) Calculus due to f oreign body is prone to form by silkthread easier than galvanized iron plate, and calculus thus formed is heavier and more do m inant. 3) In case the calculus formation is eminent, it is eminent , it is found that in addition to foreign substance calculus attached to the large foreign bod y great numbers of free small calculi are formed, and all of these are m a d e up of phosphoric acid ammonium magnesium calculus . 4) Boby weight of white rats may remain either stationary or decrease by Alumina gels adoministration of 0.4 gm. daily but by half its dosage the incre a se of body weight equivalent to the control white rats is recognized. 5) In animal experiment and clinical case inorganic phosphou rs in urine decreased extremely, and pH in urine increased by Alumina gels administration. 6) In clinical case administration of Alumina gels powder of 5 to 6 gm. per day is necessary to make a day's quantity of inorganic phosphorus in urine d e crease to less than 300 mg.
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