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Title: 尿路結石症の研究 第2編:グリセリンによるチビオン結石形成予防について
Other Titles: Studies on Urolithiasis Chapter II : Prevention of the Formation of Conteben Calculi by Glycerin
Authors: 大堀, 勉  KAKEN_name
Author's alias: OHORI, Tsutomu
Issue Date: Jan-1959
Publisher: 京都大学医学部泌尿器科教室
Journal title: 泌尿器科紀要
Volume: 5
Issue: 1
Start page: 12
End page: 18
Abstract: The author administered conteben to mice contin u ously and injected glycerin. After eight days examination was undertaken for urinary calculi. At the same time the histological findings of the l iver and kidney were also examined. The results were as follows 1. Of the group in w h ich 10mg of conteben were solely administered 51% showed the existence of urinary calculi containing conteben and phosphate, but to the group in which 15 mg were administered urinary calculi were evident in 80.7%. 2. In the group in which 5% glycerin was injected 30 . 5 % showed urinary calculi, while on the other hand, when 1% of glycerin was injected 35.5% showed them. 3. It is believed that an important factor in prevention of the f o rmation of conteben calculi by glycerin is due to increasing the protective action of the urinary colloids. 4. The damage to liver and kidney by administration of conteben is neg l igible. 5. In examining the kidney in groups in which glycerin was injected and to that in which conteben was solely administered and Stronger Neo-Minophagen C the following was noted, namely, a. f latness of the epithelial cells of tubules was negligible b. caryorrhexis was negligible c. magnification of th e tubules was also negligible. On the other hand, it was noted that the b lood congestion in the tubules and collecting tubules was outstanding. This is probably due to large dasage (1.0cckg/wt) of glycerin injected.
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