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Distinction of two morphotypes of Turritopsis nutricula medusae (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa, Anthomedusae) in Japan, with reference to their different abilities to revert to the hydroid stage and their distinct geographical distributions
  Kubota, Shin (2005-08-20)
  Biogeography, 7: 41-50
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First occurrence of the hydromedusa Paralovenia bitentaculata (Hydrozoa: Leptomedusae) in Japan
  Kubota, Shin; Hyakutake, Kanako; Akiyama, Hisashi (2010-08-20)
  Biogeography, 12: 143-144
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Bathocyroe longigula spec. nov., an undescribed ctenophore (Lobata: Bathocyroidae) from the epipelagic fauna of Japanese coastal waters
  Horita, T.; Akiyama, H.; Kubota, Shin (2011-11)
  Zoologische Mededelingen, 84: 877-886
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日本で初めて記録されたギヤマンハナクラゲTimoides agassizii (Anthomedusae, Pandeidae)の大量出現と刺症被害
  岩永, 節子; 大城, 直雅; 久保田, 信 (2003-08-31)
  沖縄生物学会誌, 41: 61-66
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First Records of the Snailfish Careproctus lycopersicus (Cottoidei: Liparidae) from the Western North Pacific
  Kai, Yoshiaki; Matsuzaki, Koji; Mori, Toshiaki (2019-07-25)
  Species Diversity, 24(2): 115-118
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Nematomorph parasites drive energy flow through a riparian ecosystem
  Sato, Takuya; Watanabe, Katsutoshi; Kanaiwa, Minoru; Niizuma, Yasuaki; Harada, Yasushi; Lafferty, Kevin D. (2011-01)
  Ecology, 92(1): 201-207
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