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発行: 京都大学経済研究所

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Local Citizens' Preferences for Offshore Wind Turbine Development: An Empirical Evidence from Four Prospective Prefectures in Japan
  KYOI, Shinsuke; IWATA, Kengo; USHIFUSA, Yoshiaki (2024-01)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1101: 1-35
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The Impacts of Family Policies on Labor Supply, Fertility, and Social Welfare
  Uemura, Yuki (2023-11)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1100: 1-40
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Monitoring and Collusion in Subjective Evaluations
  Hatada, Masanori (2023-11)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1099: 1-31
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Cross Risk Apportionment and Non-financial Correlated Background Uncertainty
  Asano, Takao; Osaki, Yusuke (2023-11)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1098: [0]-36
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Arrow-Pratt-Type Measure of Ambiguity Aversion
  Hara, Chiaki (2023-09)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1097: 1-70
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Population Aging and Income Inequality in a Semi-Endogenous Growth Model
  Mino, Kazuo; Sasaki, Hiroaki (2023-09)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1096: 1-[39]
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A heterogeneous-firm model of trade and growth with country-specific credit constraints
  Ohdoi, Ryoji; Mino, Kazuo; Hu, Yunfang (2023-08)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1095: 1-44
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Time-varying ambiguity shocks and business cycles
  Asano, Takao; Cai, Xiaojing; Sakemoto, Ryuta (2023-08)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1094: 1-30
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General Equilibrium Analysis of Fiscal Transfers in an Aging Society
  TANI, Naoki; UEMURA, Yuki (2023-05)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1093: 1-25
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True Impact of Japan's Covid State of Emergency on Consumption
  Tani, Naoki (2023-05)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1092: 1-21
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Controlling Chaotic Fluctuations through Monetary Policy
  Asano, Takao; Shibata, Akihisa; Yokoo, Masanori (2023-01)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1091: 1-31
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Technology Choice, Externalities in Production, and a Chaotic Middle-Income Trap
  Asano, Takao; Shibata, Akihisa; Yokoo, Masanori (2023-01)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1090: 1-45
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Truth-telling Outcomes in a Reputational Cheap-talk Game with Binary Types
  Woo, Dohui (2022-12)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1089: 1-13
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Prediction Errors of Macroeconomic Indicators and Economic Shocks for ASEAN Member States, 1990‒2021
  AMBASHI, Masahito; IWASAKI, Fusanori; OIKAWA, Keita (2022-12)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1088: 1-28
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Learning and Strategic Delay in a Dynamic Coordination Game
  Qi, Dengwei (2022-12)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1087: 1-40
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Preference Aggregation with a Robust Pareto Criterion
  Li, Chen (2022-12)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1086: 1-37
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Sequential unit root test for first-order autoregressive processes with initial values
  Jin, Jianwei; Nagai, Keiji (2022-11)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1085: 1-16
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Unit root tests considering initial values and a concise method for computing powers
  Hitomi, Kohtaro; Jin, Jianwei; Nagai, Keiji; Nishiyama, Yoshihiko; Tao, Junfan (2022-11)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1084: 1-20
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Agency Problems in a Competitive Conglomerate with Production Constraints
  Herrera-Velasquez, Jose de Jesus (2022-09)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1083: 1-38
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Efficient Market Hypothesis Test with Stock Tweets and Natural Language Processing Models
  Mao, Bolin; Chu, Chenhui; Nakashima, Yuta; Nagahara, Hajime (2022-09)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1082: 1-30
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List Of Items (Sorted by table of contents in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 512