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発行: 京都大学経済研究所

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Pension, Retirement, and Growth in the Presence Heterogeneous Elderly
  Hirono, Makoto, Mino, Kazuo (2019-07-11)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1010: 1-27
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Heterogeneous Impatience of Individual Consumers and Decreasing Impatience of the Representative Consumer
  Hara, Chiaki (2019-05-12)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1009: 1-48
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Rejection prices and an auctioneer with non-monotonic utility
  Shui, Zhonghao (2019-04-08)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1008: 1-28
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Notes on "Refinements and Higher Order Beliefs"
  Kajii, Atsushi, Morris, Stephen (2019-03-08)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1007: 1-9
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Analysis of the core under inequality-averse utility functions
  Takanashi, Seiji (2018-11-27)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1006: 1-39
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Equilibrium Prices of the Market Portfolio in the CAPM with Incomplete Financial Markets
  Hara, Chiaki (2018-10-11)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1005: 0-33
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Sequential test for unit root in AR(1) model
  Nagai, K., Nishiyama, Y., Hitomi, K. (2018-10-10)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1003: 1-27
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Implied Ambiguity: Mean-Variance Efficiency and Pricing Errors
  Hara, Chiaki, Honda, Toshiki (2018-10-09)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1004: 1-45
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Firm Heterogeneity and the Dynamics of Credit Rationing in Japan
  Mizobata, Hirokazu (2018-09-07)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1000: 1-26
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Nowcasting real GDP growth with business tendency surveys data: A cross country analysis
  Kočenda, Evžen, Poghosyan, Karen (2018-09)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1002: 1-26
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The Cultural Transmission of Trust and Trustworthiness
  Okada, Akira (2018-09)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1001: 1-40
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Intertemporal efficiency does not imply a common price forecast
  Chatterji, Shurojit, Kajii, Atsushi, Zeng, Huaxia (2018-08-30)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 999: 1-22
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Collaborative Knowledge Creation: Evidence from Japanese Patent Data
  Mori, Tomoya, Sakaguchi, Shosei (2018-08-29)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 998: 1-62
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Spatial Pattern and City Size Distribution
  Mori, Tomoya (2018-08-23)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 996: 1-24
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Inter-city Trade
  Mori, Tomoya, Wrona, Jens (2018-08-22)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 995: 1-53
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Firm-Level Labor Demand for and Macroeconomic Increases in Non-Regular Workers in Japan
  Teruyama, Hiroshi, Goto, Yasuo, Lechevalier, Sebastien (2018-08)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 994: 1-38
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Does Nonlinear Taxation Stabilize Small Open Economies?
  Chen, Been-Lon, Hu, Yunfang, Mino, Kazuo (2018-08)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 997: 1-30
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A Structural Analysis of Entry Order, Performance, and Geography: The Case of the Convenience-Store Industry in Japan
  Nishida, Mitsukuni (2018-07-03)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 993: 1-47
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Collusion with capacity constraints under a sales maximization rationing rule
  Notsu, Takaomi (2018-04-17)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 990: 1-24
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Indecisiveness, preference for flexibility, and a unique subjective state space
  Koida, Nobuo (2018-04-12)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 989: 1-27
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List Of Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 421