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An evolutionary approach to social choice problems with q-quota rules
  Okada, Akira; Sawa, Ryoji (2016-02-22)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 936
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The impact of monetary strategies on inflation persistence
  Evžen Kočenda; Balázs Varga (2016-04)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 938
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Heterogeneous Impacts of a Change in Chinese FDI Regulations on Domestic Market Outcomes: Empirical Evidence from Taiwanese Plant Data
  Inada, Mitsuo; Guo, Yung-Hsing (2016-02)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 934
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Beyond Urban Form: How Masahisa Fujita Shapes Us
  Berliant, Marcus; Mori, Tomoya (2016-01-29)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 932
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Bayesian Updating for Complementarily Additive Beliefs under Ambiguity
  Horie, Mayumi (2016-02-08)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 935
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Iterative Revelation Mechanisms
  Sano, Ryuji (2016-03)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 937
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The Effectiveness of Consumption Taxes and Transfers as Insurance against Idiosyncratic Risk
  Nakajima, Tomoyuki; Takahashi, Shuhei (2016-02-05)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 933
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A Dynamic Mechanism Design for Scheduling with Different Use Lengths
  Sano, Ryuji (2015-06)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 924
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Improving Efficiency Using Reserve Prices: An Equilibrium Analysis of Core-Selecting Auctions
  Sano, Ryuji (2015-07)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 926
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Evaluating Individual and Mean Non-Replicable Forecasts
  Chang, Chia-Lin; Franses, Philip Hans; McAleer, Michael (2011-05)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 773
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