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The role of empathy in entrepreneurial opportunity recognition: An experimental study in Japan and Pakistan
  Khalid, Saddam, Sekiguchi, Tomoki (2018-06)
  Journal of Business Venturing Insights, 9: 1-9
  熊谷, 兼太郎, 藤井, 直樹 (2018)
  人工知能学会全国大会論文集 = Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI, 2018年度
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  熊谷, 兼太郎, 小野, 憲司, 赤倉, 康寛 (2017-11)
  土木計画学研究・講演集 = Proceedings of Infrastructure Planning, 56: 1-4
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Organizational embeddedness as a mediator between justice and in-role performance
  Ghosh, Debjani, Sekiguchi, Tomoki, Gurunathan, L. (2017-06)
  Journal of Business Research, 75: 130-137
ユーザー <脱> 中心サービスデザイン
  山内, 裕, 佐藤, 那央 (2017-01-28)
  サービソロジー = Serviceology : magazine of Society for Serviceology, 3(4): 10-15
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Reflexivity of Routines: An Ethnomethodological Investigation of Initial Service Encounters at Sushi Bars in Tokyo
  Yamauchi, Yutaka, Hiramoto, Takeshi (2016-10-01)
  Organization Studies, 37(10): 1473-1499
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Contextual effect of wealth on independence: An examination through regional differences in China
  Takemura, Kosuke, Hamamura, Takeshi, Guan, Yanjun, Suzuki, Satoko (2016-03-17)
  Frontiers in Psychology, 7
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サービスデザイン再考 : 相互主観性からの視座
  山内, 裕, 佐藤, 那央 (2016-01-08)
  マーケティングジャーナル = Japan marketing journal, 35(3): 64-74
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Reflexive Organizing for Knowledge Sharing: An Ethnomethodological Study of Service Technicians
  Yamauchi, Yutaka (2015-09)
  Journal of Management Studies, 52(6): 742-765
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顧客が認識するサービス表舞台の価値 : 日比比較を含む
  前川, 佳一 (2015)
  第3回 全国大会 予稿集: 86-91
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  宮本, 琢也, 高橋, 宏幸, 前川, 佳一 (2015)
  第3回 全国大会 予稿集: 45-50
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ルーチンの達成における説明可能性: クリーニング店のオプション提案の会話分析
  山内, 裕, 平本, 毅, 泉, 博子, 張, 承姫 (2015)
  組織科学 = Organizational science, 49(2): 53-65
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Proposing a common platform of shipping cost analysis of the Northern Sea Route and the Suez Canal Route
  Furuichi, Masahiko, Otsuka, Natsuhiko (2014-10-09)
  Maritime Economics & Logistics, 17(1): 9-31
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A competing Markov model for cracking prediction on civil structures
  Kobayashi, K., Kaito, K., Lethanh, N. (2014-10)
  Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 68: 345-362
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User knowledge transformation through design: A historical materialism perspective
  Yamauchi, Yutaka (2014-10)
  Information and Organization, 24(4): 270-290
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Seismic design of highway bridge foundations with the effects of liquefaction since the 1995 Kobe earthquake
  Tamura, Keiichi (2014-08)
  Soils and Foundations, 54(4): 874-882
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  TAMURA, Keiichi (2013)
  Journal of JSCE, 1(1): 569-582
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消費行動に対する文化的自己観の影響に対する考察 : 弁証法的自己観に着目して (特集 流通の潮流変化)
  鈴木, 智子, 阿久津, 聡 (2012-06)
  季刊マーケティングジャーナル, 32(1): 75-87
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A statistical deterioration forecasting method using hidden Markov model for infrastructure management
  Kobayashi, Kiyoshi, Kaito, Kiyoyuki, Lethanh, Nam (2012-03)
  Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 46(4): 544-561
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Obstacle Emergence Risk and Road Patrol Policy
  Kobayashi, Kiyoshi, Kaito, Kiyoyuki (2012)
  Advances in Civil Engineering, 2012
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