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<Obituary> Professor Shigeo Uehara : Member of the Mahale Wildlife Conservation Society
  Nishida, Toshisada (2005-06)
  Pan Africa News, 12(1): 2-3
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<News> A New Code of Observation Employed at Mahale: Prevention against a Flu-like Disease
  Hanamura, Shunkichi, Kiyono, Mieko, Nakamura, Michio, Sakamaki, Tetsuya, Itoh, Noriko, Zamma, Koichiro, Kitopeni, Rashidi, Matumula, Moshi, Nishida, Toshisada (2006-12)
  Pan Africa News, 13(2): 13-16
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<Note> Note on a subcutaneous tumor found among wild chimpanzees
  Nishida, Toshisada, Fujita, Shiho, Inaba, Agumi, Kooriyama, Takanori (2007-12)
  Pan Africa News, 14(2): 31-32
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<News> "Kyoto Declaration on Great Apes" has been Adopted
  Nishida, Toshisada (2004-12)
  Pan Africa News, 11(2): 2-3
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<Note> Evidence of Cultural Differences in Diet between Two Neighboring Unit Groups of Chimpanzees in Mahale Mountains National Park, Tanzania
  Sakamaki, Tetsuya, Nakamura, Michio, Nishida, Toshisada (2007-06)
  Pan Africa News, 14(1): 3-5
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<Note> Dermatophytosis of M group Chimpanzees, Mahale Mountains, Tanzania
  Nishida, Toshisada, Fujita, Shiho, Matsusaka, Takahisa, Shimada, Masaki, Kitopeni, Rashidi (2007-06)
  Pan Africa News, 14(1): 5-6
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