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<OBITUARY>Prof. Akisato Nishimura (Formerly Known as Akisato Toyoshima): A Pioneer of Chimpanzee Research in Tanzania
  Nakamura, Michio (2018-12)
  Pan Africa News, 25(2): 30-30
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<ERRATUM>Four Cases of Grooming Sessions between Chimpanzees and Guenons at the Kalinzu Forest Reserve, Uganda
  Tsutaya, Takumi, Aruga, Natsumi, Matsuo, Hodaka, Hashimoto, Chie (2018-12)
  Pan Africa News, 25(2): 29-29
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<NOTE>A Female Bonobo Sleeping on the Ground after Daytime Birth and its Implications
  Ryu, Heungjin (2017-12)
  Pan Africa News, 24(2): 9-13
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<NOTE>Lonoa: The Establishment of a Permanent Field Site for Behavioural Research on Bonobos in the Kokolopori Bonobo Reserve
  Surbeck, Martin, Coxe, Sally, Lokasola, Albert Lotana (2017-12)
  Pan Africa News, 24(2): 13-15
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<Note> Bossou Chimpanzees Crossed the National Border of Guinea into Liberia
  Ohashi, Gaku (2006-06)
  Pan Africa News, 13(1): 10-12
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