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  Pan Africa News, 14(1)
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<Note> New Nut-Cracking Sites in Diecké Forest, Guinea: An Overview of the Surveys
  Carvalho, Susana, Sousa, Cláudia, Matsuzawa, Tetsuro (2007-06)
  Pan Africa News, 14(1): 11-13
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<Note> Papaya Fruit Sharing in Wild Chimpanzees at Bossou, Guinea
  Ohashi, Gaku (2007-06)
  Pan Africa News, 14(1): 14-16
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<Note> Laterality in Termite-Fishing by Fongoli Chimpanzees: Preliminary Report
  Bertolani, Paco, Scholes, Clarissa, McGrew, William C., Pruetz, Jill D. (2007-06)
  Pan Africa News, 14(1): 1-3
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<Note> Bonobos at the "Lola Ya Bonobo" Sanctuary in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  Hirata, Satoshi, Tashiro, Yasuko (2007-06)
  Pan Africa News, 14(1): 6-8
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<Note> Evidence of Cultural Differences in Diet between Two Neighboring Unit Groups of Chimpanzees in Mahale Mountains National Park, Tanzania
  Sakamaki, Tetsuya, Nakamura, Michio, Nishida, Toshisada (2007-06)
  Pan Africa News, 14(1): 3-5
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<Note> Snare Removal for Conservation of Chimpanzees in the Kalinzu Forest Reserve, Uganda
  Hashimoto, Chie, Cox, Debby, Furuichi, Takeshi (2007-06)
  Pan Africa News, 14(1): 8-11
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<Note> Dermatophytosis of M group Chimpanzees, Mahale Mountains, Tanzania
  Nishida, Toshisada, Fujita, Shiho, Matsusaka, Takahisa, Shimada, Masaki, Kitopeni, Rashidi (2007-06)
  Pan Africa News, 14(1): 5-6
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