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Form of an evolutionary tradeoff affects eco-evolutionary dynamics in a predator-prey system
  Kasada, M., Yamamichi, M., Yoshida, T. (2014-11-11)
  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 111(45): 16035-16040
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Autistic empathy toward autistic others
  Komeda, Hidetsugu, Kosaka, Hirotaka, Saito, Daisuke N, Mano, Yoko, Jung, Minyoung, Fujii, Takeshi, Yanaka, Hisakazu T, Munesue, Toshio, Ishitobi, Makoto, Sato, Makoto, Okazawa, Hidehiko (2014-10-20)
  Social cognitive and affective neuroscience, 10(2): 145-152
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Timing and propagule size of invasion determine its success by a time-varying threshold of demographic regime shift
  Yamamichi, Masato, Yoshida, Takehito, Sasaki, Akira (2014-08)
  Ecology, 95(8): 2303-2315
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Signatures of the helical phase in the critical fields at twin boundaries of noncentrosymmetric superconductors
  Aoyama, Kazushi, Savary, Lucile, Sigrist, Manfred (2014-05-30)
  Physical Review B, 89(17)
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HAKUBI : Half Decade of Hakubi Project 2009-2014
  : 1-20
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