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The 1970 Osaka Expo: local planners, national planning processes and Mega Events
  Urushima, Andrea Yuri Flores (2011-09-30)
  Planning Perspectives, 26(4): 635-647
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The New Face of Debt-Peonage in the Bolivian Amazon: Social Networks and Bargaining Instruments
  Cardona, Walter Cano, De Jong, Wil, Boot, René G. A., Zuidema, Pieter A. (2014-05-20)
  Human Ecology
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Learning from the past: Trends and dynamics in livelihoods of Bolivian forest communities
  Zenteno, Mario, de Jong, Wil, Boot, Rene, Zuidema, Pieter A. (2014-06)
  Environmental Science & Policy, 40: 36-48
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Diverse local regulatory responses to a new forestry regime in forest communities in the Bolivian Amazon
  Cardona, Walter Cano, de Jong, Wil, Zuidema, Pieter A., Boot, Rene (2014-07)
  Land Use Policy, 39: 224-232
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The Legitimacy of Certification Standards in Climate Change Governance
  de la Plaza Esteban, Coraina, Visseren-Hamakers, Ingrid J., de Jong, Wil (2014-05-30)
  Sustainable Development
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Smallholder Forestry in the Western Amazon: Outcomes from Forest Reforms and Emerging Policy Perspectives
  Pacheco, Pablo, Mejía, Elena, Cano, Walter, De Jong, Wil (2016-08-31)
  Forests, 7(9)
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Incentives and Constraints of Community and Smallholder Forestry
  De Jong, Wil, Galloway, Glenn, Katila, Pia, Pacheco, Pablo (2016-09-16)
  Forests, 7(9)
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  山本, 博之 (2009)
  季刊マレーシアレポート, 2(1): 5-20
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  山本, 博之 (2012-03)
  雑誌に見る東日本大震災(2011年) : 震災はいかにして国民的災害になったか: 3-5
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[Executive Summary] An Evaluation of and Recommendation for the Look East Policy: Toward the Discovery of Japan's Second Wave
  Yamamoto, Hiroyuki (2013-03)
  JAMS Discussion Paper, 2: 4-15
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