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外科領域における Enzymotherapy Lysozyme の外科的応用 第1報
  里村, 紀作, 横田, 通夫, 白羽, 誠 (1965-07-01)
  日本外科宝函, 34(4): 1076-1091
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Experimental Studies on the Pathogenesis of Bleeding from Esophageal Varices : with Special Reference to the Alteration of the Closing Mechanism of Esophago-Gastric Junction
  FURUKE, MASATOSI (1965-07-01)
  日本外科宝函, 34(4): 900-915
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Enzymological Studies on Pathogenesis of Gastric Ulcer and Studies on the Causes of the Bleeding from Gastric Ulcer
  TAKAHASHI, HIROSHI (1965-07-01)
  日本外科宝函, 34(4): 916-938
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Electroencephalographic Study on Abdominal Neurosis
  NIMURA, YOSHIJI (1965-07-01)
  日本外科宝函, 34(4): 849-880
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Experimental Studies on Thoracic Inferior Vena Cava Constriction in Dogs, with Special Reference to the Alteration on Their Hepatic Clearance
  TERADA, MITUGI (1965-07-01)
  日本外科宝函, 34(4): 881-899
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The Electrochordographic Study of the Hemodynamics of the Spinal Cord
  NIMURA, YOSHIJI (1965-07-01)
  日本外科宝函, 34(4): 833-848
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Electron Histochemical Demonstration of Acid Phosphatase Activity in the Motoneurons of the Cervical Spinal Cord of Rat during Axonal Reaction
  TANAKA, SEISUKE (1965-07-01)
  日本外科宝函, 34(4): 829-832
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  神崎, 義雄, 森下, 玲児 (1965-07-01)
  日本外科宝函, 34(4): 1096-1102
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  篠原, 秀幸, 東郷, 実 (1965-07-01)
  日本外科宝函, 34(4): 1092-1095
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  篠原, 秀幸, 東郷, 実 (1965-07-01)
  日本外科宝函, 34(4): 1103-1105
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