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Prediction of 11-year incidence of psychophysically dependent status or death among community-dwelling younger elderlies: from an age-specified community-based cohort study (the NISSIN project)
  Okabayashi, Satoe; Kawamura, Takashi; Noma, Hisashi; Wakai, Kenji; Ando, Masahiko; Tsushita, Kazuyo; Ohira, Hideki; Ukawa, Shigekazu; Tamakoshi, Akiko (2021)
  Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine, 26
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Body Mass Index Is Associated with Hypertension in Japanese Young Elderly Individuals: Findings of the New Integrated Suburban Seniority Investigation
  Ukawa, Shigekazu; Tamakoshi, Akiko; Wakai, Kenji; Ando, Masahiko; Kawamura, Takashi (2015)
  Internal medicine, 54(24): 3121-3125
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Health benefits of daily walking on mortality among Younger-Elderly men with or without major critical diseases in the new integrated suburban seniority investigation project: A prospective cohort study
  Zhao, Wenjing; Ukawa, Shigekazu; Kawamura, Takashi; Wakai, Kenji; Ando, Masahiko; Tsushita, Kazuyo; Tamakoshi, Akiko (2015)
  Journal of Epidemiology, 25(10): 609-616
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Daily sleep duration and the risk of incident disability among younger elderly Japanese adults in the New Integrated Suburban Seniority Investigation Project: A prospective study using competing event analysis
  Zhang, Lin; Ukawa, Shigekazu; Zhao, Wenjing; Okabayashi, Satoe; Ando, Masahiko; Wakai, Kenji; Tsushita, Kazuyo; Kawamura, Takashi; Tamakoshi, Akiko (2019-09)
  Geriatrics & Gerontology International, 19(9): 945-949
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