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  森, 和俊 (2017-03)
  ELCAS Journal, 2: 3-7
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<論文・報告>Study on Sleeping Improvement by the Daily Cycle Control of Illumination Lamp Irradiation
  Matsuyama, Ayaka (2017-03)
  ELCAS Journal, 2: 18-20
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  櫻井, 庸明 (2017-03)
  ELCAS Journal, 2: 10-12
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<論文・報告>Photoinduced Oxidization Reaction of Evaporated Rubrene Thin Films Studied by Spectroscopic Measurements
  Hasebe, Io; Yamada, Kazuto; Takahashi, Shota; Watanabe, Kazuya (2017-03)
  ELCAS Journal, 2: 15-17
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<論文・報告>Bioconversion of Castor Oil by Microorganisms
  Takenaka, Ryota; Morita, Shuhei; Kise, Miki; Mitsukawa, Yuki; Takeuchi, Michiki; Ogawa, Jun (2017-03)
  ELCAS Journal, 2: 21-23
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<論文・報告>A Robot Capable of Detecting, Identifying, and Tracking a Human Individual
  Koyama, Takashi; Nakata, Takuya; Iiyama, Masaaki; Minoh, Michihiko (2017-03)
  ELCAS Journal, 2: 24-26
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  市川, 光太郎 (2017-03)
  ELCAS Journal, 2: 8-9
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<ELCAS 活動報告>国際クラス 日英サイエンスワークショップへの参加
  京都大学ELCAS事務局; 上田, 朔; 森本, 恵理子; 伊藤, 早和子; 糸原, 実由 (2017-03)
  ELCAS Journal, 2: 123-127
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<論文・報告>Microbial Synthesis of Oxo Cyclic Amino Acids
  Kise, Miki; Morita, Shuhei; Takenaka, Ryota; Mitsukawa, Yuki; Takeuchi, Michiki; Ogawa, Jun (2017-03)
  ELCAS Journal, 2: 111-113
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<ELCAS 活動報告>国際クラス ベトナム海外研修
  京都大学ELCAS事務局; 山本, 桐也; Matsuda, Rika (2017-03)
  ELCAS Journal, 2: 119-122
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