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One-dimensional imidazole aggregate in aluminium porous coordination polymers with high proton conductivity
  Bureekaew, Sareeya; Horike, Satoshi; Higuchi, Masakazu; Mizuno, Motohiro; Kawamura, Takashi; Tanaka, Daisuke; Yanai, Nobuhiro; Kitagawa, Susumu (2009-10)
  Nature Materials, 8: 831-836
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Differences of crystal structure and dynamics between a soft porous nanocrystal and a bulk crystal.
  Hijikata, Yuh; Horike, Satoshi; Tanaka, Daisuke; Groll, Juergen; Mizuno, Motohiro; Kim, Jungeun; Takata, Masaki; Kitagawa, Susumu (2011-07-21)
  Chemical communications, 47(27): 7632-7634
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