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Formation of Foam-like Microstructural Carbon Material by Carbonization of Porous Coordination Polymers through a Ligand-Assisted Foaming Process.
  Kongpatpanich, Kanokwan; Horike, Satoshi; Fujiwara, Yu-Ichi; Ogiwara, Naoki; Nishihara, Hirotomo; Kitagawa, Susumu (2015-08-03)
  Chemistry - A European Journal, 21(38): 13278-13283
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Soft 2D Layer Porous Coordination Polymers with 1,2-Di(4-pyridyl)ethane
  Kishida, Keisuke; Horike, Satoshi; Kongpatpanich, Kanokwan; Kitagawa, Susumu (2013)
  Australian Journal of Chemistry, 66(4): 464
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Exploitation of missing linker in Zr-based metal-organic framework as the catalyst support for selective oxidation of benzyl alcohol
  Jumpathong, Watthanachai; Pila, Taweesak; Lekjing, Yuwanda; Chirawatkul, Prae; Boekfa, Bundet; Horike, Satoshi; Kongpatpanich, Kanokwan (2019-11)
  APL Materials, 7(11)
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