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Preferential adsorption of cell adhesive proteins from complex media on self-assembled monolayers and its effect on subsequent cell adhesion
  Arima, Yusuke, Iwata, Hiroo (2015-10-15)
  Acta biomaterialia, 26: 72-81
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Cells immobilized on patterns printed in DNA by an inkjet printer
  Sakurai, Kengo, Teramura, Yuji, Iwata, Hiroo (2011-05)
  Biomaterials, 32(14): 3596-3602
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Effect of Actomyosin Contractility on Lamellipodial Protrusion Dynamics on a Micropatterned Substrate
  Okeyo, Kennedy Omondi, Nagasaki, Masuzo, Sunaga, Junko, Hojo, Masaki, Kotera, Hidetoshi, Adachi, Taiji (2011-09)
  Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering, 4(3): 389-398
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Design of Biointerfaces for Regenerative Medicine
  Arima, Yusuke, Kato, Koichi, Teramura, Yuji, Iwata, Hiroo (2012)
  Advances in Polymer Science, 247: 167-200
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Lymphocyte-stromal cell interaction induces IL-7 expression by interferon regulatory factors
  Sekai, Miho, Tani-Ichi, Shizue, Yoneyama, Mitsutoshi, Fujita, Takashi, Kina, Tatsuo, Ikuta, Koichi (2013-01)
  Molecular immunology, 54(3-4): 378-385
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Effect of ProNectin F derivatives on cell attachment and proliferation
  Somamoto, Satoshi, Tabata, Yasuhiko (2013-02)
  Acta biomaterialia, 9(2): 5194-5200
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