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Controlled release of sphingosine-1-phosphate agonist with gelatin hydrogels for macrophage recruitment
  Murakami, Masahiro, Saito, Takashi, Tabata, Yasuhiko (2014-11)
  Acta biomaterialia, 10(11): 4723-4729
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Preparation of gelatin hydrogels incorporating low-molecular-weight heparin for anti-fibrotic therapy
  Saito, Takashi, Tabata, Yasuhiko (2012-02)
  Acta biomaterialia, 8(2): 646-652
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Preparation of gelatin hydrogels incorporating small interfering RNA for the controlled release
  Saito, Takashi, Tabata, Yasuhiko (2012-12)
  Journal of drug targeting, 20(10): 864-872
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Enhanced angiogenesis by multiple release of platelet-rich plasma contents and basic fibroblast growth factor from gelatin hydrogels
  Matsui, Makoto, Tabata, Yasuhiko (2012-05)
  Acta biomaterialia, 8(5): 1792-1801
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Enhancement of bone regeneration by dual release of a macrophage recruitment agent and platelet-rich plasma from gelatin hydrogels
  Kim, Yang-Hee, Furuya, Hiroyuki, Tabata, Yasuhiko (2014-01)
  Biomaterials, 35(1): 214-224
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Comparison of the efficacy of cryopreserved human platelet lysate and refrigerated lyophilized human platelet lysate for wound healing
  Notodihardjo, Sharon Claudia, Morimoto, Naoki, Kakudo, Natsuko, Mitsui, Toshihito, Le, Tien Minh, Tabata, Yasuhiko, Kusumoto, Kenji (2019-06)
  Regenerative Therapy, 10: 1-9
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