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メコンデルタにおける支配をめぐるせめぎあい : 地域社会の人々のローカル秩序と回避の「場」(1976-1988年)
  下條, 尚志 (2014-01-31)
  東南アジア研究, 51(2): 227-266
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<Articles>Intergenerational Land Transfer in Rural Cambodia since the Late 1980s: Special Attention to the Effect of Labor Migration
  Yagura, Kenjiro (2015-04)
  Southeast Asian Studies, 4(1): 3-42
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Understanding Changes in Land and Forest Resource Management Systems: Ratanakiri, Cambodia(<Special Issue>Land Use Changes in the Uplands of Southeast Asia: Proximate and Distant Causes)
  FOX, Jefferson, VOGLER, John B., POFFENBERGER, Mark (2009-12-31)
  東南アジア研究, 47(3): 309-329
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  東, 佳史 (2004-12)
  東南アジア研究, 42(3): 328-353
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<Articles>Food Supply in Cambodian Buddhist Temples: Focusing on the Roles and Practices of Lay Female Ascetics
  Takahashi, Miwa (2015-08)
  Southeast Asian Studies, 4(2): 233-258
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  佐藤, 奈穂 (2009-09-30)
  東南アジア研究, 47(2): 180-209
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  小林, 知 (2013-07-31)
  東南アジア研究, 51(1): 34-69
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Caring for the Dead Ritually in Cambodia
  Holt, John Clifford (2012-04)
  Southeast Asian Studies, 1(1): 3-75
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<Articles>The Is and the Ought of Knowing: Ontological Observations on Shadow Education Research in Cambodia
  Brehm, Will (2017-12)
  Southeast Asian Studies, 6(3): 485-503
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Conflict, Institutions, and Economic Behavior: Legacies of the Cambodian Genocide
  Kogure, Katsuo, Takasaki, Yoshito (2019-04)
  Japan-ASEAN Transdisciplinary Studies Working Paper Series (TDWPS) = 日ASEAN超学際研究プロジェクトワーキングペーパーシリーズ (TDWPS), 7: 1-A-66
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