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Title: Emergence of visually-evoked reward expecting signals in dopamine neurons via the superior colliculus in V1 lesioned monkeys
Authors: Takakuwa, Norihiro
Kato, Rikako
Redgrave, Peter
Isa, Tadashi  kyouindb  KAKEN_id
Author's alias: 高桑, 徳宏
加藤, 利佳子
伊佐, 正
Issue Date: 19-Jun-2017
Publisher: eLife Sciences Publications, Ltd
Journal title: eLife
Volume: 6
Thesis number: e24459
Abstract: Responses of midbrain dopamine (DA) neurons reflecting expected reward from sensory cues are critical for reward-based associative learning. However, critical pathways by which reward-related visual information is relayed to DA neurons remain unclear. To address this question, we investigated Pavlovian conditioning in macaque monkeys with unilateral primary visual cortex (V1) lesions (an animal model of ‘blindsight’). Anticipatory licking responses to obtain juice drops were elicited in response to visual conditioned stimuli (CS) in the affected visual field. Subsequent pharmacological inactivation of the superior colliculus (SC) suppressed the anticipatory licking. Concurrent single unit recordings indicated that DA responses reflecting the reward expectation could be recorded in the absence of V1, and that these responses were also suppressed by SC inactivation. These results indicate that the subcortical visual circuit can relay reward-predicting visual information to DA neurons and integrity of the SC is necessary for visually-elicited classically conditioned responses after V1 lesion.
Rights: © 2017, Takakuwa et al. This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use and redistribution provided that the original author and source are credited.
DOI(Published Version): 10.7554/eLife.24459
PubMed ID: 28628005
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