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<Article>Phonology of Burmese loanwords in Jinghpaw
  KURABE, Keita (2016-12-31)
  京都大学言語学研究, 35: 91-128
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<Articles>Repetition and reduplication in Jinghpaw
  KURABE, Keita (2017-12-31)
  京都大学言語学研究, 36: 1-19
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<Articles>Where have all the adjectives gone? The case of Jinghpaw
  Kurabe, Keita (2019-12-31)
  京都大学言語学研究, 38: 29-47
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<Articles>Serial verbs and monoclausality: A case study on Jinghpaw
  Kurabe, Keita (2020-12-31)
  京都大学言語学研究, 39: 93-136
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<Linguistic data>Jinghpaw loanwords in Zaiwa: Putting flesh on the bones of the Jinghpaw-Zaiwa special contact relationship
  KURABE, Keita (2021-12-31)
  京都大学言語学研究, 40: 65-109
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