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dc.contributor.authorLee, Hae-Yeon
dc.contributor.authorKim, Sanghoon
dc.contributor.authorPark, June-Young
dc.contributor.authorOh, Young-Wan
dc.contributor.authorPark, Seung-Young
dc.contributor.authorHam, Wooseung
dc.contributor.authorKotani, Yoshinori
dc.contributor.authorNakamura, Tetsuya
dc.contributor.authorSuzuki, Motohiro
dc.contributor.authorOno, Teruo
dc.contributor.authorLee, Kyung-Jin
dc.contributor.authorPark, Byong-Guk
dc.contributor.alternative小谷, 佳範
dc.contributor.alternative中村, 哲也
dc.contributor.alternative鈴木, 基寛
dc.contributor.alternative小野, 輝男
dc.description.abstractSpin-orbit torque facilitates efficient magnetisation switching via an in-plane current in perpendicularly magnetised heavy-metal/ferromagnet heterostructures. The efficiency of spin-orbit-torque-induced switching is determined by the charge-to-spin conversion arising from either bulk or interfacial spin-orbit interactions or both. Here, we demonstrate that the spin-orbit torque and the resultant switching efficiency in Pt/CoFeB systems are significantly enhanced by an interfacial modification involving Ti insertion between the Pt and CoFeB layers. Spin pumping and X-ray magnetic circular dichroism experiments reveal that this enhancement is due to an additional interface-generated spin current of the non-magnetic interface and/or improved spin transparency achieved by suppressing the proximity-induced moment in the Pt layer. Our results demonstrate that interface engineering affords an effective approach to improve spin–orbit torque and thereby magnetisation switching efficiency.
dc.publisherAIP Publishing
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dc.titleEnhanced spin–orbit torque via interface engineering in Pt/CoFeB/MgO heterostructures
dc.type.niitypeJournal Article
dc.identifier.jtitleAPL Materials
dc.identifier.kaken26870300 / 17H04924 / 17H05181 / 17H03377 / 15H05702
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