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Low regularity a priori estimate for KDNLS via the short-time Fourier restriction method
  KISHIMOTO, Nobu; TSUTSUMI, Yoshio (2022-09)
  : 1-35
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Continuous Functions on Final Comodels of Free Algebraic Theories
  YOSHIDA, Tomoya (2022-09)
  : 1-17
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On Generalizations of Anabelian Group-theoretic Properties
  MINAMIDE, Arata; SAWADA, Koichiro; TSUJIMURA, Shota (2022-08)
  : 1-24
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On normal Moishezon surfaces admitting non-isomorphic surjective endomorphisms
  NAKAYAMA, Noboru (2020-09)
  : 1-79
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A Universal Dynamic Auction for Unimodular Demand Types: An Efficient Auction Design for Various Kinds of Indivisible Commodities
  FUJISHIGE, Satoru; YANG, Zaifu (2020-09)
  : 1-44
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The Geometry of Hyperbolic Curvoids
  HOSHI, Yuichiro (2020-09)
  : 1-46
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Potential Well Theory for the Derivative Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation
  HAYASHI, Masayuki (2020-10)
  : 1-35
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Internal Indecomposability of Various Profinite Groups in Anabelian Geometry
  MINAMIDE, Arata; TSUJIMURA, Shota (2020-09)
  : 1-39
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The $mathfrak{p}$-primary-primary Uniform Boundedness Conjecture for Drinfeld Modules
  ISHII, Shun (2020-10)
  : 1-26
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Rigid Fibers of Spinning Tops
  KAWASAKI, Morimichi; ORITA, Ryuma (2020-08)
  : 1-17
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