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Bayes sequential decision rules in the multinomial sampling(Sequential Analysis and Statistical Inference)
  小池, 健一; 赤平, 昌文 (1993-06)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 842: 1-11
  小池, 健一; 赤平, 昌文 (1995-07)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 916: 180-188
On the sequential sampling plans
  小池, 健一; 赤平, 昌文 (1992-03)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 777: 29-44
The concept of generalized amount of information and non-regular estimation(Information and Statistical Inference)
  赤平, 昌文 (1995-07)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 916: 189-195
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  田中, 秀和; 赤平, 昌文 (1995-07)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 916: 52-74
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Some approximations to the non-central t-distribution and applications(Large Sample Theory of Statistical Estimation)
  赤平, 昌文; 佐藤, 道一; 鳥越, 規央 (1994-06)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 879: 48-73
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The Structure of the Model through Some Estimation Procedure
  赤平, 昌文 (1992-03)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 777: 51-67
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Large-deviation approximations for the discrete distribution (Large Deviation and Statistical Inference)
  高橋, 邦彦; 赤平, 昌文 (1998-08)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 1055: 45-67
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Confidence intervals for the difference of means based on two independent samples (Large Deviation and Statistical Inference)
  赤平, 昌文 (1998-08)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 1055: 111-116
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離散指数型分布族における区間予測とその応用 (Statistical Region Estimation and Its Application)
  飛田, 英祐; 赤平, 昌文 (1999-06)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 1101: 43-68
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