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The Synthesis of Alkaloids Using Transition-Metal-Catalyzed Intramolecular Amination Reactions
  Ohno, Hiroaki, Chiba, Hiroaki, Inuki, Shinsuke, Oishi, Shinya, Fujii, Nobutaka (2014-01-13)
  Synlett, 25(02): 179-192
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Direct synthesis of highly fused perimidines by copper(I)-catalyzed hydroamination of 2-ethynylbenzaldehydes
  Tokimizu, Yusuke, Ohta, Yusuke, Chiba, Hiroaki, Oishi, Shinya, Fujii, Nobutaka, Ohno, Hiroaki (2011-07)
  Tetrahedron, 67(29): 5168-5175
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Lewis-acid-mediated ring-exchange reaction of dihydrobenzofurans and its application to the formal total synthesis of (−)-quinocarcinamide
  Chiba, Hiroaki, Sakai, Yuki, Oishi, Shinya, Fujii, Nobutaka, Ohno, Hiroaki (2012-11)
  Tetrahedron Letters, 53(46): 6273-6276
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