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Continuous-Flow Synthesis of N-Succinimidyl 4-[18F]fluorobenzoate Using a Single Microfluidic Chip
  Kimura, Hiroyuki, Tomatsu, Kenji, Saiki, Hidekazu, Arimitsu, Kenji, Ono, Masahiro, Kawashima, Hidekazu, Iwata, Ren, Nakanishi, Hiroaki, Ozeki, Eiichi, Kuge, Yuji, Saji, Hideo (2016-07-13)
  PLOS ONE, 11(7)
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Application of Microreactor to the Preparation of C-11-Labeled Compounds via O-[11C]Methylation with [11C]CH3I: Rapid Synthesis of [11C]Raclopride
  Kawashima, Hidekazu, Kimura, Hiroyuki, Nakaya, Yuta, Tomatsu, Kenji, Arimitsu, Kenji, Nakanishi, Hiroaki, Ozeki, Eiichi, Kuge, Yuji, Saji, Hideo (2015)
  Chemical & pharmaceutical bulletin, 63(9): 737-740
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PET imaging of hypoxia-inducible factor-1-active tumor cells with pretargeted oxygen-dependent degradable streptavidin and a novel [18]F-labeled biotin derivative
  Kudo, Takashi, Ueda, Masashi, Konishi, Hiroaki, Kawashima, Hidekazu, Kuge, Yuji, Mukai, Takahiro, Miyano, Azusa, Tanaka, Shotaro, Kizaka-Kondoh, Shinae, Hiraoka, Masahiro, Saji, Hideo (2011-10)
  Molecular imaging and biology, 13(5): 1003-1010
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