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Gallium-68-labeled anti-HER2 single-chain Fv fragment: development and in vivo monitoring of HER2 expression
  Ueda, Masashi, Hisada, Hayato, Temma, Takashi, Shimizu, Yoichi, Kimura, Hiroyuki, Ono, Masahiro, Nakamoto, Yuji, Togashi, Kaori, Saji, Hideo (2015-02)
  Molecular imaging and biology, 17(1): 102-110
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Development of photostabilized asymmetrical cyanine dyes for in vivo photoacoustic imaging of tumors
  Onoe, Satoru, Temma, Takashi, Kanazaki, Kengo, Ono, Masahiro, Saji, Hideo (2015-09)
  Journal of biomedical optics, 20(9)
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Radioiodinated Peptidic Imaging Probes for in Vivo Detection of Membrane Type-1 Matrix Metalloproteinase in Cancers
  Kondo, Naoya, Temma, Takashi, Shimizu, Yoichi, Ono, Masahiro, Saji, Hideo (2015)
  Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin, 38(9): 1375-1382
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Novel PET/SPECT probes for imaging of tau in Alzheimer's disease
  Watanabe, Hiroyuki, Ono, Masahiro, Saji, Hideo (2015)
  The Scientific World Journal, 2015
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Radiofluorinated probe for PET imaging of fatty acid binding protein 4 in cancer
  Temma, Takashi, Nishigori, Kantaro, Onoe, Satoru, Sampei, Sotaro, Kimura, Ikuo, Ono, Masahiro, Saji, Hideo (2015-02)
  Nuclear medicine and biology, 42(2): 184-191
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