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Competent Route to Unsymmetric Dimer Architectures: Total Syntheses of (−)-Lycodine and (−)-Complanadines A and B, and Evaluation of Their Neurite Outgrowth Activities
  Zhao, Le, Tsukano, Chihiro, Kwon, Eunsang, Shirakawa, Hisashi, Kaneko, Shuji, Takemoto, Yoshiji, Hirama, Masahira (2017-01-18)
  Chemistry - A European Journal, 23(4): 802-812
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Synthesis of Octahydro- and Decahydroquinolines by a One-Pot Cascade Reaction of Tetrasubstituted Enecarbamate
  Kurose, Tomohiro, Tsukano, Chihiro, Takemoto, Yoshiji (2017-09-15)
  Organic Letters, 19(18): 4762-4765
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Palladium(0)-catalyzed benzylic C(sp³)-H functionalization for the concise synthesis of heterocycles and its applications
  Tsukano, Chihiro (2017-05-01)
  Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 65(5): 409-425
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Synthesis of Tetrahydrobiphenylene via Pd(0)-Catalyzed C(sp²)-H Functionalization
  Tsukano, Chihiro, Suetsugu, Satoshi, Muto, Nobusuke, Takemoto, Yoshiji (2017-12-01)
  Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 85(12): 1167-1174
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Total synthesis of avenaol
  Yasui, Motohiro, Ota, Rina, Tsukano, Chihiro, Takemoto, Yoshiji (2017-09-22)
  Nature Communications, 8
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