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Induction of Potent Antitumor Immunity by Sustained Release of Cationic Antigen from a DNA-Based Hydrogel with Adjuvant Activity
  Umeki, Yuka, Mohri, Kohta, Kawasaki, Yohji, Watanabe, Hiroshi, Takahashi, Rei, Takahashi, Yuki, Takakura, Yoshinobu, Nishikawa, Makiya (2015-09)
  Advanced Functional Materials, 25(36): 5758-5767
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Nasal delivery of Japanese cedar pollen Cryj1 by using self-gelling immunostimulatory DNA for effective induction of immune responses in mice
  Ishii-Mizuno, Yumiko, Umeki, Yuka, Takahashi, Yuki, Kato, Yukinori, Takabayashi, Tetsuji, Fujieda, Shigeharu, Takakura, Yoshinobu, Nishikawa, Makiya (2015-02-28)
  Journal of controlled release, 200: 52-59
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Efficient delivery of immunostimulatory DNA to mouse and human immune cells through the construction of polypod-like structured DNA
  Uno, Shota, Nishikawa, Makiya, Mohri, Kohta, Umeki, Yuka, Matsuzaki, Noriyuki, Takahashi, Yuki, Fujita, Haruyuki, Kadowaki, Norimitsu, Takakura, Yoshinobu (2014-05)
  Nanomedicine, 10(4): 765-774
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Injectable, self-gelling, biodegradable, and immunomodulatory DNA hydrogel for antigen delivery
  Nishikawa, Makiya, Ogawa, Kohei, Umeki, Yuka, Mohri, Kohta, Kawasaki, Yohji, Watanabe, Hiroshi, Takahashi, Natsuki, Kusuki, Eri, Takahashi, Rei, Takahashi, Yuki, Takakura, Yoshinobu (2014-04-28)
  Journal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society, 180: 25-32
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